Friday, 7 December 2012

Three Years in Cyprus - Flashback Friday

It was our three year anniversary of moving to Cyprus on 24th November. Many people have said they can't believe its been that long and although in some ways it seems hard to believe I feel like we've been here forever.  It feels like a lifetime ago that we lived in the UK.  My parents have UK tv channels and it seems 'foreign' to me to see adverts in English or watch the local Kent or London news. I'm vaguely interested at times but it just doesn't feel relevant to me any more.

It may seem a long time ago but I remember our first couple of days so clearly.  Our shipping was due to arrive about a week after we did so we had huge problems in packing our final suitcases.  Although our apartment came furnished we had nothing except the basics and we also needed a cot, steriliser and various other baby paraphernalia.

We had brought Leo a seat on the plane even though at 6 months he could have gone on our laps, but at £35 a ticket it was worth being able to strap his car seat on its own seat meaning he slept most of the way. It also meant we got a whole extra suitcase for him!

I couldn't tell you how many times we packed and repacked those three suitcases and our hand luggage bags. I was still doing it the morning of our flight sitting on the floor at my Mother in laws and throwing several items of clothing at her saying 'chuck that in the charity bag, it doesn't fit in the case'
Eventually we were done, clothes, nappies, formula, wipes, passports, favourite toy,  ipod, phones, laptop, chargers, all our birth certificates and personal paperwork and probably the kitchen sink all in a few bags.

The rest of our things had been boxed up several weeks before and picked up by the shipping company. I can still picture the van driving away from our old home. (You can tell I wasn't blogging then or I'd have certainly had a photo of that!)  I remember watching it turn the corner and looking in disbelief realising that the next time I saw all my things it would be in Cyprus and crossing my fingers and hoping it would make it in one piece!    It was raining as it drove away and we stood huddled in the garage until it went out of sight and I tried to imagine what it would be like the day we saw it again.

Waiting for our things to arrive!

The day we saw it again was earlier than planned, we called on our first morning in Cyprus to tell the company we were here and they could deliver whenever was suitable and they said it was here and they could deliver it that day!  So much for all that worrying how we would survive without it!

The early days were surreal and fun.  Disappearing under a sea of randomly packed boxes - packing for shipping is quite different to normal packing, it's all about space rather than weight although you do need to be able to shift the boxes!   Aaron had turned packing into an art form, protecting our fridge freezer with cardboard and bubble wrap all around it, packing the glass shelves into our Christmas tree box along with a duvet and some random items of clothes until EVERY last bit of space was full.   No saucepan or bowl was packed without something inside it which made relocating everything something of a challenge!

Luckily the weather was perfect on our arrival, something not guaranteed in late November (although we didn't know that then!) so we could leave a lot of stuff outside while we sorted it all out.

I remember it well but it feels like a different place looking back to those days,  just tonight I stood next to Louka's cot looking at the same view as I did when I stood there those years ago with Leo and it doesn't feel like it did back then.  Then I'd look at the few street lights I could see and it really felt like I was standing on the edge of the world, just some land and sea between us.

Now it feels normal, I feel more at home than I ever did in our old house in Kent.

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  1. What a lovely post - it's lovely to see you feeling so content where you are

  2. its lovely that you feel so at home there now , and that you feel so comfortable and its all so normal. you were, and still are, so brave to move to another country with a young baby in tow.
    thanks for linking up x


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