Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Cyprus style

Christmas in Cyprus is generally much more low key than in the UK (Easter being the bigger celebration here) so I'm always keen to find 'Christmassy things' to do. This year so far has been more successful than our previous years here, partly because Leo is a bit older and can enjoy them more. Last weekend we kicked off the festivities with two Christmas events....

Derynia Cyprus Christmas Saturday was the Christmas lights switch on in Agia Napa, a great free event which takes place each year in the town square.  

It's always very busy with locals and tourists alike and to get involved you do have to repress the extremely British urge to queue!

Santa arrives in a horse drawn carriage and gives out free presents to anyone who can brave the scrum - luckily my Mum seems to have adapted to the surroundings and can wiggle her way to the front of crowds quite well now!

There are also stalls handing out free wine and snacks but we decided it wasn't worth the effort (especially having tasted the wine last year!)  

After the lights were switched on there was fantastic show on the stage - dancing, singing, and even fire poi (spinning fire on chains) The atmosphere was great and as usual much more relaxed than I imagine a similar event would be in England.  Leo really enjoyed himself this year although I think his favourite part was playing with his friend Kyle in the play area!

Sunday was Leo's school fete, having never been to a Cypriot school fete before I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised and it was a brilliant afternoon. It was held in the park opposite his school and although there wasn't actually that much to do it had a great atmosphere and we stayed there for over 3 hours.

There was a free craft table run by the teachers, pony rides (Leo had a go but didn't really enjoy it!),  face painting (he wasn't interested) and a couple of games - bean bag tossing, and a football game. There were food stalls,  popcorn, pizza, yummy waffles with chocolate sauce and the best and biggest hot dog I've had in ages (which was a bargain €2 ).  Much to Aaron and my Dad's delight there was a drinks stall selling large whisky and coke (again €2 and free pour whisky!) along with beers (Local beer  Keo was one of the fete's sponsors)  soft drinks and Zivania. 

But the absolute highlight was the ride you could take on the Big Red Bus with Santa himself.  Leo loved it so much that he went on it three times!

Red Bus company Cyprus

I have to admit that I loved it myself, and I think my Dad did too as he didn't hesitate to give Leo the money for his second trip when he asked to go again! It was a great way to meet Santa and have a drive around the village - Christmas music blaring out and Santa ringing his bell.   Leo got to shake his hand and even have a go at ringing the bell himself.  

During summer the Red Bus offers tours around the East coast of Cyprus and over to the north of Cyprus, I've always fancied taking one of the trips (even though one of the 'places of interest' it stops at is at the bottom of my road!) but I thought Leo was always too small and would get bored - looks like this wouldn't be the case any more!

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  1. Sounds like you've had fun so far celebrating Christmas in Cyprus. I find it really interesting knowing how other countries celebrate. x

  2. Elena Pissaridou8 December 2012 at 00:44

    If you are looking for Christmassy things to enjoy, there is a rather large event in Nicosia. It's called "Παραμυθούπολη". It opens each year during Christmas Holiday and it has what ever you can imagine. It's a long way from where you are but I think for one time is worth the travel. I'm attaching a link for the event.

  3. Looks like you have done really well with finding Christmas activities out there and that Bus ride looks amazing! Thanks for sharing with me on Country Kids

  4. Enjoy the holidays!

  5. Lovely blog. It looks like you had a fab weekend.

  6. love the winter wonderland night there with all those lights.i still need to take my two out at night to see the lights. it is always weird to see your christmas photos in sunshine with Leo wearing a tee shirt!! Burton would love that bus ride too x

  7. The bus ride looks great, I'm not surprised your little one enjoyed it! It is a little strange to see Santa in the sun!

    Over from Country Kids.

  8. Three years later, and it still seems odd having Christmas in the sun!


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