Monday, 5 November 2012

First Fireworks

On Saturday we took Leo to his first firework display. I was unsure how he would react to them, given that he had a fear of thunder last year but he loved it.

Firework displays are very few and far between here in Cyprus, there are very strict laws on the use and buying of fireworks so they are basically limited to the displays on the English army bases,  that and the fact that it's an English tradition. Someone last year actually posted on facebook - Why don't the Cypriots celebrate Fireworks night?  My response was to ask them why they would be celebrating Guy Fawkes night!

There are two displays, one at Dhekalia and one at Ayia Nikolaos.  We went to Ayia Nikolaos as it's a bit closer to us and was free and we didn't know how well Leo would react to it.  Next year I'd like to go to Dhekalia as it's held on the beach!

My friend and her son came with us and the boys both loved it, we waited quite a long time for the fireworks to start so it was nice that they had each other to play with, Leo would have been hard work to occupy otherwise.

When they started Aaron put Leo up on his shoulders but he soon wanted to get down. The boys were so funny laughing and shouting with every bang and excitedly running about like mad things.  I've always enjoyed firework displays but it was brilliant to see Leo's face as they lit up the sky.

It was very strange seeing people all around us in t-shirts and shorts but it was nice to see a display without freezing in the process.


  1. and we all loved the ice creams!!

  2. I freezed my arse off at our firework display, I'm so jealous that you wore t-shirt and shorts. It's great they do have these displays which ex-pats can celebrate in.


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