Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cbeebies The Album - review and giveaway

Like many of our friends here in Cyprus we don't have English tv channels, although they are available we went for the popular (by popular I of course mean cheaper!) option of 'Nilesat' TV which is Arabic with English / American channels showing. I don't watch a lot of TV (well I don't now, because it's rubbish!)  so it doesn't really bother me but it does mean we don't get the Holy Grail of preschool childrens TV - Cbeebies!

Not that we are entirely deprived, my parents have it so Leo enjoys watching it there, and  therefore we were very pleased to receive a copy of the new Cbeebies album. 

It's got all the favourites, from Postman Pat, Justin's House and Mike the Knight as well as new hits such as Rastamouse and Baby Jake.   It's also got the presenter songs which I think are the best bits!

Leo was initially confused when I put it on and looked at the TV, it all went very well until we got to his favourite - Mike The Knight when he insisted we should watch it (We have it on DVD so it's the only one we have that we can watch in our house!) 

Cbeebies The Album is a 2cd set and contains 50 tracks, its available from November 5th via all the usual stores but I am offering one of my readers a chance to get their own copy... Just fill in the form below.    (You must have a UK address to enter)  

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  1. Hard to name just one!! My daughter adores Iggle Piggle so let's go with that :)

  2. Bud loves Mr Tumble.


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