Monday, 29 October 2012

Autumn wreath craft

October is probably my favourite month now I live in Cyprus, it used to be July or August in the UK, working on the principle that there was the most chance of a bit of summer then.  The temperature here slowly starts to cool at this time of year, and after the long hot summer (made much longer and hotter by being big and pregnant!) its a welcome relief!

Being quite excited by the change of season I thought it would be good to do something to mark it and teach Leo that there is more than just 'Summer' and 'Winter'

Last year we made an 'Autumn Tree' and this year my 'crafty' friend and I decided to make some Autumn wreaths with the kids after seeing 'The Boy' making one.

I'm all for simplicity when it comes to crafts and this certainly fitted the bill!

Cardboard circles, crayons, glue, ribbon and different coloured paper leaves was all we needed, along with the patience to explain why we there weren't just green leaves.

They were quite bemused by us trying to explain that leaves fall off the trees in Autumn and they turn all different colours, I don't think they really believed us! Although they weren't really sure what we were talking about they had fun and actually listened to what we were trying to get them to do.

First we gave them crayons to colour the card, and then let them choose their 'leaves' to stick all around, with the addition of a bit of red ribbon they now hang proudly on the wall.

I'd love to take Leo to kick the leaves and go hunting for conkers but the trees here just don't act like a tree should this time of year!

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  1. that looks really good well done Leo. i could have made one of these with real leaves last week! when i say I , i mean Burton of course *ahem* trouble is we have had some rain now so all those lovely crisp leaves are sodden :(
    ruddy rain!
    its strange how Leo hasn't experienced a proper autumn in a British sense - i should send some leaves your way (which has just reminded me i still havent sent you those prizes eeeek sorry i am rubbish!) x


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