Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Gallery - 8pm

Years ago, my 8pm was once a time for finishing work or getting ready to go out, in some ways the start of the day, or at least the best bit!

8pm  - just down the road in Agia Napa, you can still see people heading back to their hotels after a day at the beach, it's not even a time for many of the holiday makers there to even be going out for the evening,  well when lots of places don't even open until 1am you can't peak too early!

My 8pm for the last few years has been the time Aaron gets home from work, it's usually when I would have dinner ready for. Leo would have been in bed for an hour having gone to bed dead on 7pm almost every night for a long time now.  He's always been a very early riser and making his bedtime later usually means he gets up even earlier  (WHY, what is that all about?!) so I like to stick to it. Also he's a big stickler for routine so it's easier not to mess with it - anything for a quiet life!

Saying that, I've always been strict on putting him to bed, apart from maybe when ill or a tiny baby, he's never fallen asleep on the sofa or with us, bed means bed and 'You stay there until morning!'

Then little Loukas arrived,

This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago now...

My Mum had been coming up for several days to give me an extra pair of hands at Leo's bath and bedtime but Louka had slept through each one so I told her not to worry,  of course this meant that he woke up screaming while Leo did belly flops in the bath splashing water everywhere and then refused to clean his teeth while 'Louka was making a racket'

I lost my patience with him and attempted to send him to bed without a story, this caused a full blown tantrum and he refused to stay in bed. Trying to get him back in was proving impossible as I couldn't yet lift him as I was still recovering from the birth.

He wouldn't get off the sofa so I looked at the time, realised it was 30 mins until 8pm and the time that Aaron would be home and told him to sit there, do nothing - no books, no tv, no talking.  By this point Louka had fallen asleep, I poured myself a large whisky (and I don't actually drink whisky!)  and sat next to him.

By 8pm Leo had fallen asleep, Aaron came in and was very surprised to see me sitting there, surrounded by sleeping children.  My look said it all.... and the fact I had a whisky in my hand, his whisky in fact!


  1. Aww it's sweet to see children sleeping so peacefully even if it was chaotic only minutes beforehand! x

  2. Sounds like a bedtime nightmare. We've all been there. Such a relief when they're asleep, even if it's on the sofa!!!

  3. This would be funny......if I didn't understand exactly how you felt! Sometimes alcohol really is the only answer ;) x

  4. I remember some terrible bedtimes when B Lloyd was smaller, full on tantrums and screaming matches then suddenly one day it all changed and she went to bed without an issue. I love the backstory to your photo, on one look it looks all peaceful, then on a second thought its the crashed out look post tantrum!

  5. Oh, look at them both crashed out! Stressful bedtimes are the worst, but at least you got the end result you wanted!

  6. Aww both sparko .. I used to loved falling asleep on the sofa and waking up in bed lol x

  7. Some days the path of least resistance is the best! Love the fact you had s whiskey in your hand!!

  8. Sounds like you had quite a tough evening... Hard to believe when you see them sleeping like this!

  9. Sometimes only alcohol will do! lovely picture x


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