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Loukas arrives...through the eyes of my Doula

It's hard to believe that Loukas is over 2 weeks old already! The time has passed so fast despite the lack of sleep and huge change of routine.  I've not been online as much as usual as I've been quite a bit busy so although it's quite high on my list of things to do, writing my birth story hasn't been something I've felt up to doing yet.

Fortunately,  I received an email from Claire, my Doula who very kindly wrote the story as she saw it, and sent me some lovely photos from the day. I'll still be writing my own story but I really enjoyed reading this so wanted to share it here too.

"Emmas and Loukas Birth Story, through the eyes of their doula…"
On Friday night I prepared my doula bag, took out the clothes I would wear for the next day and set my alarm. Usually a doula doesn’t have much notice when she is heading out to a birth but this one was different, you were scheduled for an induction on Saturday the 25th August 2012 at 9am.

I wanted to get to  your home early so that I could help you out finalizing last minute details before leaving for the hospital. I arrived at your home at 8am. I walked into a very busy kitchen, Leo was sitting on the couch with his new drawing book and your Dad was entertaining him.  Your Dad played guess the day of the week with him. Your bags lay packed and Aaron looked slightly nervous. I brought with me a bigger ball than the one I had given you, Leo loved this! He ran of to get his other pink ball and started playing with the both.

Your mum popped up too. We ate banana cake and you showed me where everything was in your bag. Before leaving I got the numbers of all the important people you wanted to be updated, Aaron, your Mum and Dad and Sam. I promised to keep them updated through out the day.

We made our way down to the car with all of our bags and the ball. You told Leo you were going out for the day. 

The drive to hospital was fast, despite the parking place being huge and completely empty I decided to park as far away as possible from the entrance and just cm's away from another car, this was quite a blonde moment when taking the birthing ball out to which we both laughed.
After re-parking the car so the ball could fit out we headed into the hospital it was exactly 9am.

Once we 'finally' found the labor ward you were admitted into the last room on the left. The room was blue and very well lit. Two midwifes and the doctor greeted you and did a cervical examination to check your dilation. You were 2.5cm dilated and the baby was very high up still. They inserted your drip and put the fetal heart rate monitoring device around your belly. An enema was given to you and we were left in the room till it did its job. As soon as this was done, the induction began and the synthetic oxytocin was injected into your IV line. It was 10am.

By 11am we were walking up and down the corridor waiting for the contractions to begin. When they first started they were mild but with in an hour they had become more frequent and started to develop a pattern lasting around 20 seconds. At this point I suggested that we start to use the ball and do some squats, this really helped increase the intensity of the contractions. You were told no food or water just a little drop around your lips, when ever we got the chance I smuggled you biscuits / snack a jacks / polo's and water.

By 2pm your contractions were in full swing, they were hard and fast. At the start of the day I asked you to choose a focus point and you randomly choose the fire alarm on the ceiling with its tiny blinking red light. This was when that fire alarm became useful. During the contractions I saw how tense they were making you, your eyes were so tightly closed and your jaw extremely tensed, I asked you to look at the fire alarm and open your mouth to breath. This seemed to help a lot. We developed a little system. Between contractions I would fan you and reassure you of how great you were doing and remind you to breath.

During contractions you would grab my hand and together we would look at the fire alarm and pant it out. Because you had an induction I knew that your contractions would be far more intense than a normal natural labor so I was so surprised and impressed at how well you were coping with the pain considering you had no pain medication at all. I encouraged you to get vocal and make noise, I'm sure the midwifes thought I was deranged mooing like a cow but you did such a fantastic job of just letting go and surrendering to your body. You sang the song of labor like a true warrior.

At around 3pm the midwifes came to examine you, you were saying you needed to push. As the examined you I prayed that you would have a good dilation report. You were finding it hard to continue and starting to ask (insist) on pain medication. I told you how fantastic you had done being that you never even had a panadol, you sarcastically said to me between contractions –it was not by choice… After all your hard work I was at least hoping for a 6, when she said 8cm dilated, I cried. I was so proud. I stroked your hair and kept telling you how you had done it, you were at the very end, and this was it!!! Your urge to push became a lot more intense and they said we would have to go to the delivery room.

Some how despite all your pain you managed to get up of the bed and into the wheel chair. I put the shoes and the dinner lady hat on and ran to your side. You were asked not to push when you felt the urge as you were not quite ready to deliver yet. The midwife told us to blow small candles rather than push. This became a part of our routine although I had forgotten the fan in the room so instead I used a laminated A4 piece of paper. When the time to push came, you really gave it your all. You held tight onto my hand and you pushed down deep. As soon as the urge left I noticed you had this euphoric look on your face. I remember saying to you "this is your body giving you a well deserved high.. enjoy it"

The clock read 3.48pm, I whispered to you, "Didn’t I say you would be done by 4pm" at 3.56pm with one great powerful push Loukas entered the world. He was so pink and with his angelic blonde hair he let out a huge scream. I was shocked he had blonde hair because you told me at the start of the day although Leo is blonde when he was born he had a full head of black hair. Little Loukas was quickly wrapped up in green sheets and given to you to hold, as soon as he went on your chest he stopped fussing and crying, he was so awake, so alert and you were so in love. 

He weighed over 4Kg, exact weight I don’t remember because at first she told me 4.25Kg then she told me 4.5Kg. I send a SMS to your mum and dad and Sam. I called Aaron and congratulated him on the phone. He seemed very shocked that it had happened already.

As I entered back into your room I noticed a magnificent glow around you. The previously brightly lit baby blue room was now so calm and relaxed. They closed the light so you could get some sleep just adding to that beautiful ecstasy which was surrounding us. I offered to go get a picture of the baby for you, just as I was walking out the room he was being pushed in. As you took him in your arms, I took the picture. That moment was so special, at that point I went over, kissed you one last time on the forehead, took my doula bag and left….

Thank you Emma for letting me be a part of your special day and Little Loukas first ever Birthday….


  1. Ahhh, it's so lovely to read this and to heat from the doulas perspective. Especially to hear how she felt about the experience and the relationship she had developed with you. Thanks for sharing it. X

  2. Awww Emma this is beautiful. What a lovely lady your doula is and it's so lovely to read your birth story through her eyes. And the photos are so amazing it's like we are peering into your life as we see things from her perspective. The photo of,you giving Leo an embrace before you left for hospital really tugged at my heart strings and the final photo is amazing. So you didn't have any pain relief than? Well done you. I need to ask my friend who was with me but I don't think I had much if any as I couldn't get to grips with the gas and air with Jenson.
    Awwww gorgeous story x x

  3. Ps. Thanks for linking up x x

  4. This so amazing. My eyes have filled with tears. What an amazing lady she sounds, especially to have during labour.
    It sounds like you did so well.
    Lovely photos too. Your bump was huge x

  5. veryboredincatalunya18 September 2012 at 23:24

    So, so lovely. Your doula lady sounds amazing.

  6. She is, I couldn't be more thankful!

  7. She was an absolute angel, made so much difference to the whole experience.


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