Preparing for nappy time again!

There are so many choices you can make when it comes to looking after a new baby, and it's very easy to become overwhelmed by them all.   Everywhere you turn there is conflicting advice or suggestions from well meaning friends and family, or parenting books, midwives and the media.   Bottle or breast,  cot or co-sleep, spoon fed or baby led weaning and 'real or disposable nappies'  to name just a few.

When I was pregnant with Leo using cloth nappies never entered my head as an option, I did consider it but dismissed it almost as quickly.  The cost of buying them was an initial minus point for me although I didn't really give a thought to how much I'd have to spend over the next couple of years on disposables at that point!

I knew we would be moving around a lot due to the fact we were emigrating to Cyprus when he was just 5 months old and I couldn't cope with the idea of using cloth in all the different places we would be in the process (we stayed with several different friends before leaving to say goodbye, and a couple of hotels too!)

This time round I started looking into the possibility of using cloth,  I've read several interesting blog posts on them with positive reviews and another good friend of mine used cloth 99% of the time and was very happy with them.  I realise now that although there is an initial outlay to start off,  that it still works out cheaper in the end - especially here in Cyprus where the cost of disposable nappies is appalling and you never see the money saving offers or coupons that you do in the UK.

I'm actually quite excited about this new adventure now!  I will probably still  use disposables when out and about but I've got the starter kit of the award winning two-piece nappy from Bambino Mio all set and ready to go..... and look at just how cute they are.....

All we need now is a baby to put them on!   I'll let you know how we get on.

I have received the starter set of nappies for review but the thoughts and opinions are all my own. 


  1. I am hoping that we will use cloth nappies too although M is dead set against it. For me, although the cost is part of it, it is mostly to do with the fact that nappies have to go to landfill and for an average baby it is something like 2,500 per year. We recycled everything at home but there is no such facility here so it makes me think twice about disposable nappies. Will you do a post on them when you have used them for a bit as I am dying to see how you get on with them?? Also, are you going to do what is in your hospital bag??


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