Monday, 6 August 2012

At 37 weeks pregnant, Emma loves....

After my 'Leo loves' post  which was inspired by 'Real Housewife' Lauren  I decided to create another one for me,  however it seemed that most of the things that came to mind were things I couldn't do / have at the moment!  I was finding it hard to get past rare steak / blue cheese and cold beer so then I thought I'd do a more topical one and remember the things I am loving about being pregnant.... yes there actually are a few things! 


  1. Love love love it!!
    You look so amazing in this photo x

  2. You look gorgeous! Not long to go!

  3. You're looking radiant. Can't believe you're 37 weeks already!

  4. Wow, you look amazing! I gave birth at 37 weeks and remember looking like an elephant!

    CJ x

  5. Emma you look simply stunning here. happy, radiant and so so beautiful. i never looked this good pregnant. pregnancy agrees with you x x


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