Almost there!

I honestly didn't think I'd be writing a 39 week bump update but I'm still here so here we go!

I would have put good money on the fact they had got my dates wrong and I'd worked out my due date to be 8th August. I suppose I could still be right and be overdue like I was with Leo who only came after my waters were broken in hospital.   I'm still hoping this is the case as they only let you go a week over here and I'd rather avoid induction if possible. 

I swore when pregnant the first time that if it ever happened again I'd pretend my due date was actually later than it was as I spent the last few weeks expecting him to show up any moment, I can't believe I've gone and done the opposite this time and brought it forward!   

Although I'm trying (and sometimes succeeding!) to make the most of the last few days, it does seem to be turning into the longest pregnancy in the world!

Even Leo agrees......

I've had so many on and off pains / contractions / braxton hicks or whatever they are, ad several times now I've been poised over the phone to call Claire (my Doula)  only for them all to stop again.  I've eaten pineapple and I'm now on the raspberry leaf tea,   all the other methods of natural induction are not so appealing to me though which obviously means I'm not THAT bothered.

At the end with Leo I walked a fair bit, but in high 30 / low 40 degree heat that is just not going to happen now!  I can't even face walking up the stairs to our apartment as it just kills me!

I figure he will be here soon regardless of what I do now anyway, I have my next appointment on Tuesday (my due date) and they will discuss induction then so worst way round it will be a week after that I guess....
watch this space for the next update!


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