38 week update and Cyprus vs UK differences

Officially 38 weeks now, and giving up on the fact I thought I had my dates wrong as it doesn't really matter any more, it just means I'm more likely to get this baby out whilst avoiding induction as they only let you go 7 days over here.  (Leo was 15 days overdue when they took me in).

Yesterday was my latest hospital appointment, it was surprisingly one of the quickest so far. They did the usual wee sample test and blood pressure and a (very quick!) ultrasound, I was a little disappointed that I couldn't see the screen as the nurse was standing in the way but it was over in just a few seconds anyway, just long enough for them to hear the heartbeat I think.

Only once here have they used a doppler to check the heartbeat, unlike in the UK I've had I think 5 or 6 scans in total. That seems to be the way they check for the heartbeat. In the UK the midwife used a doppler each time but I would see her in the local health centre rather than the hospital where the ultrasound machine was.

In the UK, I'm sure the appointments got a bit more in depth by this stage,  I seem to remember them measuring my bump, giving me an estimate of the size of the baby, and feeling to see how he was lying.  (I guess they do that here via the ultrasound but they didn't say anything to me about it, although I know he is head down!)   I'm sure they also told me how 'engaged' he was. 

I did leave feeling a bit deflated as nothing interesting had been said! My next appointment is in one week, then the week after and they will let me go 7 days after August 21st. 

I guess I could be wrong as I was with Leo but I'm SURE I won't still be waiting by then!  I quite fancy Sunday as it will give a nice birth date of 12.08.12   :)

Today has been a hard day and although its all calmed down now, I was getting a little nervous earlier - lots of pains (contractions?  I have no idea!) and I've felt sick and very tired all day, bending is so painful.  I'm not actually worried about getting to the hospital in time as I can see it from my apartment, I'm more concerned about my Doula getting here in time but without false alarms!

Now, I'm currently suffering from what feels like bad period pain, which does come and go,  along with backache and a few random contractions thrown in for good measure!  They are over in just a few seconds though with no real pattern to them.  I guess it's my body getting prepared - I do like to be organised after all!

pregnancy and birth in Cyprus


  1. Ooh, sounds like its getting close! Exciting! It does sound like a very quick appointment and I can understand why you were deflated. Here in portugal is much like england where as you said, they measure the bump, use the doppler and feel where the baby is. Im surprised they didnt do a more thorough exam being so close to time. Good luck, hope things will happen soon so you can be more comfortable.

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