Place your bets.....

After my baby shower and the blog post I wrote about it I've been getting lots of people guessing when baby might make his appearance and how much he might weigh.

Aaron is convinced he will be right on the due date or later (the hospital's due date as he doesn't believe the one I calculated can be right as a he says the scan CANNOT be wrong)  and he will be heavier than Leo was.   I think he'll be a bit early, this could just be wishful thinking as I thought Leo would be too!

So just for fun I thought I'd make a note of all the guesses in one place   :)

Sam                              27th July        8lb 7oz
Kelly Marie                                                        28th July        8lb 8oz

Rachel                                                                5th August      11lb
Eri (Greek4kids)                                                 6th August      7lb

Michelle (Mummy From the Heart)                      10th August    9lb
Lauren   (Real Housewife of Suffolk County)       10th August    9lb 2oz
Tales from Windmill Fields                                  10th August    7lb 3oz

The Rambling Pages                                            12th August    8lb 3oz
Debbie B                                                            12th August    8lb 12oz

Sarah P                                                               13th August    9lb 6oz

Vanja (Emma's Lunch)                                        14th August    8lb 4oz
Mum                                                                   14th August    8lb 12oz
Expat Mum in Portugal                                        14th August    9lb 7oz

Lucy A                                                               15th August    9lb 2oz

Me                                                                     18th August    8lb 10oz
Carol P                                                               18th August    8lb 9oz

Ros C                                                                 19th August    8lb 1oz
Aaron                                                                 20th August    9lb 12oz

Kelly A                                                                30th August    9lb 2oz
Nicola N                                                              30th August    10lb 1oz



  1. Tricia Tennery14 July 2012 at 23:33

    Hey sweet lady, I'm giving you a blog award! Come on over to get your award.

  2. 9lb 9oz (I meant to put that in the post!)


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