Friday, 27 July 2012

Flashback Friday - One year later

Last year we often used a hotel pool in Pernera, about 10 minutes drive from us.  Although we have a communal swimming pool at our apartments the shallow end is still too deep for Leo so it was good to find pools open to the public which had baby pools for him to play in,  oh and a restaurant / bar was often nice too!

Last year Leo refused to wear armbands, even preferring not to be in the water at all if you really forced the issue.  When I wrote about teaching him to swim  many people said it was a good thing as it would mean he wouldn't have to 're-learn' to swim without them, I agreed but also wished he would just wear them so it wasn't quite so scary around the pool!   He had no concept of the depth, and would just throw himself in at random so it involved one of us being in arms reach constantly.

When he was in the big pool we discovered he could just about touch the bottom, assuming he would keep his mouth closed for long enough!   I remember saying last summer, that we would be able to see how much he grew over the winter when we went back this year.

Summer 2011, just about reaching the bottom

Summer 2012 walking around happily on his own!

This year he has also been wearing air bands quite happily and it's made life a million times easier, especially as I would not be able to hold him with the bump in the way like I did last year.   He can swim perfectly well with them and now understands what they do.   We've been swimming a lot more than last year, probably being in the pool everyday even if only for half an hour or so,  he's now jumping in quite happily and going underwater with no complaints.

Next step, swimming without the armbands..... and then doing it all over again with No.2 :)

This post is for Flashback Friday - and everyone is welcome to join in! 
If you don't have a photo but would like to share a story then feel free to do that too!  It doesn't matter how far back you go - whether it's 10 months or 10 or 50 years, just take us back to a moment in time!
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Flashback Friday will be moving as of next week. Due to the upcoming arrival of baby No.2  I'm handing the linky over to the lovely Lauren over at Real Housewife of Suffolk County.  So please head over there and join in, I'll no doubt be joining you too!


  1. its amazing how much difference a year can make isn't it? it is easier when they can wear arm bands because they are so heavy on your arms up until then aren't they? Leo wearing them must have helped you too with being pregnant.
    awww and your last time for a while as the host of FF - you have done a brilliant job with it, i just wish more would join in xx

  2. His confidence is amazing. It must be lovely to have such easy access to swimming pools but does the novelty wear off?
    Can't wait to see your posts linked up whenever you are able to :-) xx


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