Ding Dong Bells

Most days during the summer we have our routine visit from the Ice Cream man, (When they are not digging the roads up that is!)  although last year Leo had no idea that this interesting van served any purpose other than to drive around playing a nice tune and I was in no rush to inform him differently.  For a start he usually comes between 6pm and 7pm, just as Leo was  in the bath or about to go to bed, I didn't want to have to start him asking for one every day, and he didn't even really like ice cream last year!

However, he did love to hear the music and each day would go charging outside asking to be picked up shouting 'its ding dong bells Mummy, up!' I got into the habit each day of picking him up to show him and his little wave would be returned by the 'Ding dong bell man' who uses the dead end bit of road outside to turn around. 

Towards the end of the summer it was getting a bit annoying as we HAD to stop whatever we were doing to go and see him.  I ended up trying to wait until he'd been before bath time as several times Leo tried to launch himself out of the bath to go and look.  One night he was distraught as he was late and he came after bed time and Leo was shaking the bars of his cot to try and get out!

Although it amused me sometimes it was a pain and one day when he came I turned to my friend as I was picking him up to show him and jokingly said 'One day soon you'll see in the paper the headline 'Mum of one slashes ding dong bells man's tyres or 'Toddler Mum loses the plot and stuffs ding dong bells up Ice cream mans bottom'

Now, considering Leo didn't really speak properly at this point you can imagine how surprised we were when he said so innocently

'Ding dong bells up the bottom'

We fell about laughing which was obviously the wrong thing to do but Sam couldn't resist and grabbed her camera and tried to get him to say it again so she could video him but he would say nothing else other than 'Ding dong bells, he gone now'

And I thought I'd been clever by saying 'bottom' as had I not have been holding him it would have been worse!


  1. Cracking, goes to show how they take everything on board!

  2. ha ha!! That's so funny.
    We called it the music van here until Chris and Pui told Charles what it really was. *shakes fist* I curse you Show Me Show Me* Shakes fist* x


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