Flashback Friday - Young Love

Way back in the days before I discovered boys, popstar crushes and even Care bears I had my very first love.....

Let me introduce you to Dumbo.

Dumbo was my first love, he was my first toy and was certainly could not have been more loved!  He's still with us albeit a little worn and aged now, the photo above was taken only today.

As a young child I slept with him under my arm every night, always the same arm which is why his trunk bends to the side, he has been around the world to Spain, and Malta on his holidays with us.  Over the years he has had a little bit of surgery at the very careful hands of my Mum and was always carefully hand washed (the washing machine would have made him feel sick!) and then given pride of place in the airing cupboard to dry, always sitting up and never squashed in between some random drying underwear.

Although he spent many years relaxing as I stopped playing with toys he always had pride of place in my bedroom and came with me each time I moved house.  When we packed for Cyprus it even seemed wrong to pack him in the shipping which would take 6 weeks at sea, so he stayed with us and came along in the suitcase!

Dumbo once had a very important photo shoot with a certain young Leo, although these days he sits up out of reach as he's a little past the rough and tumble days!

This post is for my Flashback Friday, This week the theme is  Young Love - it can be anything you from your first boyfriend, favourite cuddly toy or something you had a real passion for in your youth. Or even relating to other family members - did your Grandparents have a brilliant love story for example?

But feel free to just go with whatever takes your fancy if you have a memory you'd like to share! If you'd like to join in you can read all about it here. If you wish, grab the code for the badge to display on your post, the important part though is to come back and add your post to the linky, then visit some of the others for a lovely nostalgia fest!

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Next week the theme is New Start - it can be anything you from your first day at school or a new job, a house move or a new relationship for example.

So get searching through the archives and see what you can come up with!


  1. awww what a sweet flashback! i has a Disney Dumbo when i was about 7, i may still have him somewhere at my mums. your Dumbo still looks in good condition now Emma, and I love how yo took him with you when you moved over to Cyprus!!
    i used a different flashback theme only because I couldn't find a photo of my first toy!! xx

  2. fab post,
    my fave teddy was a scruffy dog teddy called 'scruffy'.  he came everywhere with me too, in fact ive still got him as well.   hes a sorry excuse for a teddy, hes patchy from where all the fur fell out, has 1 eye.....but he looks very well loved.
    i dont think i could ever get rid of him either

  3. Awwww he's lovely and still looks in amazing condition.
    I have some teddies which have been with me since I was a baby. My husband accidently ripped the arm off one of them a few years ago. We also have an ET teddy which used to be my husbands. It's older than me!

  4. Wow, what a great story and so nice that your Mom cared enough to keep your first plush toy all those years - and then you kept him to this day. Great Flashback :)


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