Teddy Bear Picnic Party

Regular readers will have gathered by now that my Mum is a bit of a teddy bear fan, so what better way to celebrate her birthday than with an Teddy Bear's picnic!

Leo was involved in much of the preparations despite not being a fan of the theme at first, trains are more his thing and had to be persuaded that Nana prefers bears!

In the week leading up to her birthday we made Teddy Bear holders for the cutlery...Bear shaped cut outs with paws and feet stuck on, then glued to empty toilet roll holders which we painted brown. 

We also decorated cut out teddy bears to make a banner for the window.

The cake was a teddy, baked by Leo and I but decorated by me... the first 'novelty' cake I've done. (Usually I bake and Aaron decorates!) 

Party food was a selection of sandwiches, salad and homemade onion dip (first time I'd made that and it was yummy!) crisps, and bear shaped cheese pastry bites.  I also made 'paw print cupcakes to go with the main cake. 

I gave Mum an invite in her birthday card in the morning, inviting her to come to ours for a birthday lunch and to 'bring a bear'    Dad may have slightly misread it as while Mum arrived with Travel Ted, he came with a bottle of beer!

Before she arrived Leo helped me to set up his bears on a picnic blanket with plates and food, he really enjoyed the setting up of it but I then had to persuade him not to kick it all over before everyone arrived!  

Unknown to Mum I'd invited the neighbours so in all there were 9 of us, slightly more than that if you include all the bears!

When we took the balloons down, Leo said 'Nana's party's all gone now... it means it's mine now!'   He was a little disappointed when I explained it might be his next but it was still a few weeks away yet!


  1. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  2. love the little cupcake paws on the teddy bear cake. clever.

  3. Emma thank you for another lovely surprise birthday get together.

  4. Ahhh!  How cute.  :-)

  5. Looks like great fun...........happy birthday mum................

  6. what a perfect celbearation for your mum! bet she had a lovely time, and the cake is fab x

  7. That's a great idea for a party! Your cake looks fab - was it chocolate? I bet your mum was chuffed to bits x

  8. That is a brilliant party and a great idea! I am so going to copy that for my mum - she love teddy bears! 

    Thank you for sharing on Family Frolics.Kerryx

  9. She loved it and it was great fun getting Leo involved in the week leading up to it, not only that but he managed not to tell her which was surprising!

  10. It was choc cake with vanilla buttercream, I was very impressed with how it turned out as I've never [properly decorated one before. Mum was very surprised and Leo loved it, he's got the party organising bug now and wants to know how long it is to his..... that one's in the planning stages.


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