Flashback Friday - Mr Noisy!

As mentioned before our family have a huge love of books and we have passed this onto Leo, like his toys his favourites vary from day to day but a some he always comes back to are the classic Mr Men series.  He can name nearly all of them and as well as reading them he likes to spend time looking at them all and arranging them all over the place, I think he's so impressed that he now owns so many of them!

I then remembered that his first ever fancy dress costume when he was 9 months old happened to be a Mr Man, long before he had any idea who they were. 

 It was brought at the last minute from the only place I could find here to sell them and it was one of a choice of two outfits. It was also for a 5 year old to be worn as a top with red trousers but it was that or nothing so we gave it a shot!

These days although Mr Noisy certainly suits him a lot of the time,  I'm sure he'd protest and want to be a different one, currently his favourite is Mr Bump which would also be quite apt for him, along with Mr Mischief, Mr Chatterbox, Mr Messy and Mr Funny!



  1. aww Emma Leo looks so cute dressed up as My Noisy!! we love books in this house and I used to love my Mr Men books (and watching the cartoons which I have on DVD, which Burton has started to enjoy watching now).
    My mum always said I was Little MIss Bossy when I was small huh the cheek of it! x

  2. He looks SO adorable!! What a sweet costume.
    When I was pregnant with Charles his nickname was Mr Bump.

  3. Oh bless him - that's a fab outfit! We are big Mr. Men fans here too!

    Thanks for linking up to Mini Bookworms Roger Hargreaves Linky :)


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