Friday, 13 April 2012

Flashback Friday - At the beach

Due to living in Cyprus Leo has probably been to the beach more times so far than I did in my whole childhood, at least he can't be that far off it.  For me beach trips for on holiday or if you were really lucky then those rare English summer days that coincided with a day out!

My Dad was always great fun on a beach, we used to spend a lot of time in the water usually on 'the hand' (the best inflatable I've seen!) and we made some great boats, cars and of course sandcastles.

Looking back I now suspect that I may have had minimal input into the design of these creations and have the feeling that my role in making them could have been limited to digging and 'patting down'.  It does kind of ruin my Dad's 'reason' for building them which was so he could get the sun on his back as they are much more impressive than strictly necessary!

Not that I'm complaining of course, they were great fun to do and I'm sure he is looking forward to getting back into the castle building habit. Last year Leo was more intent on knocking them down or just digging a hole, maybe this year he'll let Grandad play too!


  1. what great sand creations - your dad was very good ! i am sue he will be just as good at helping Leo and the new baby make some wonderful sand castles and shapes and there will be more special photos to cherish. xx

  2. Love the sandcastles.  :-)


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