Change is as good as a rest?

For most of my life I have had my hair in pretty much the same style, sometimes long, sometimes a bit shorter but that's about the most to have changed.

Back in 2007 I went for a more drastic cut after reading somewhere that it's time to get a new hair cut if you have had the same one since school or if you have lost or gained more than 3 stone. As both of those thins applied to me I decided to be brave and put myself in the capable hands of a hairdresser friend of mine. 

I was still not brave enough to consider having it all chopped off but I went shorter than I had ever done before and it was graduated at the back so for the first time ever there was no way I could put it up  any more!

It was to date my most favourite hair cut but since then I've not really been able to repeat it, especially since moving to Cyprus.  My problem is that although I like it short like in the picture above I can't stand to not be able to tie it up in the summer, I also want it to be low maintenance  or it will look rough all the time, especially with a new baby on the way!  In summer I'm in and out of water all the time and using a hair-dryer is the last thing you want to do after a nice cool shower, so something that doesn't need a lot of styling is also a requirement!

I'm thinking it's time to take the plunge and go for a proper short style, although I'm nervous about losing the ability to chuck it in a ponytail and be done with it!

Any suggestions will be gratefully received!



  1. I really like it short. I'd have my hair short in the summer if it suited me.
    Go for it!!

  2. you sound like me(again!) i the to have had the same hair styles over the last 10 years with slight variations: with a fringe, without a fringe, mid length, longer length, dark brown, light brown etc...
    it really suits you as a shorter graduated style - it such a lovely hair cut and frames your face really well and nicely. i know that one day i will revert back to my jaw length bob, i just thought i would grow mine as not really had long hair before. but i will probably get bored soon!
    lovely post x

  3. id go and nick loads of mags from the hairdressers but your hair does look nice in that pic........i had all mine cut off last year with the plan i was going to curl it everyday (i saw a pic and loved the do) but i simply couldnt be bothered doing it every day so it ended up a short graduated bob...........trying to grow it again at the just past my shoulders stage :D

  4. I tend to prefer mine cut just to the hairline in a bob similar to the shorter style in your photo, but my hair needs so much styling to avoid it looking lank that it's actually easier to style (even though I still have to straighten it daily) with a fringe and slightly longer bob.  Hair dos are a nightmare - guess it depends whether you can just leave and go - with thicker hair you tend to be able to, fine with a kink like mine is a blooming nightmare!


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