Sunshine on a rainy day

One thing we do see a lot of here at this time of year is rainbows, I think I've seen more in Cyprus than I've seen in my whole life, it might not rain that often but when it does the sun is not usually far behind so it's a quite a common occurrence at this time of year.

Leo loves seeing the rainbows, and we often see fantastic ones from our balcony. He doesn't understand that they don't always appear and is disappointed when they don't, I explained that you have to have sunshine and rain, and there was no sun that day, so we made our own.

We painted a plate, I'd like to say he did but as ever he did a couple of brush strokes and then wanted to watch me!  I did just about manage to get him to allow me to draw round his hand though for the 'sun's rays' - I think it would have been a bit odd with my hands!   When the plate was dry 'we' stuck the hands around the edge, the sun was going to have a smiley face but Leo informed me 'that would be a bit silly' so we left it at that!

We had made a rainbow not long ago but Leo enjoyed (watching me) make it so much that he's asked several times if we can do it again.  This time was a little more successful and he enjoyed sorting out the colours and putting the glue on, he even stuck most of them on the paper too!


  1. What a GORGEOUS idea! Lovely :) I hope you've put it on pinterest... :)

  2. SO cute! Love this idea. Looks like we may all have to make our own sun this summer anyway! x

  3. That is so colourful and beautiful! I love the rainbow made out of little squares. Would cheer any rainy day up! 

    Thanks for linking to Family Frolics

  4. they're lovely! really cheerful when the weather is grey outside - just what we need here in the UK!!


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