A family story - A travelling tradition

Once upon a time there was a teddy bear, unloved and unwanted and left sitting in a charity shop feeling sad and hoping someone would give him a home....

That's the way my Mum saw this little fellow anyway as she passed by the shop window.

My Mum is a huge teddy bear fan and has been for years, but over the years she gradually got worse! Obviously teddy bears are lovely  - I mean how horrible would you have to be to not like them, but Mum managed to take it to a whole new level.....

This teddy for some reason best known to my Mum became 'Travel Ted' and proceeded  (much to our amusement and continued mickey taking) to travel all over the world with her having his photo taken in increasing unusual places. He's been to more countries than many people I know, from Greece, Spain, Barbados, France and all over the UK. It was decided that he would be going into retirement here in Cyprus but he may come out on special occasions!

I now secretly like the collection of photos - he has 3 albums all to himself, but could have cheerfully throttled the bear at points over the years when made to stop in random public places while a photo was taken. The most memorable being in a market square in Turkey trying to get a photo of him sitting on a 'interesting' statue or something with just my Mum and me and tons of people walking by, I did get quite annoyed with her!   Maybe it's a 'mum thing' as it probably wouldn't bother me as much these days.....but don't tell her that!

I've been meaning to blog about the little fellow for ages now and this weeks 'Gallery' gave a very apt prompt - 'A Family Story', here are a few highlights of his travels but I will share some more with you very soon!

We did eventually realise after a few years that 'he' was wearing a dress and had a bow but by then it was too late to remember to call him a 'her'!


  1. Oh that's so funny! Think Ted is better travelled than I am... just imagine in years to come when your great great granschildren find teds photo album!! x

  2. Brilliant, it does make your mum sound very eccentric (maybe she is!) but what a fun idea, a bit like when kids take home a class mascot and have to include them in all their activities? 

  3. ha ha i LOVE this post - what a fab take on this weeks theme! he is a very well travelled bear i am quite envious x

  4. He's better travelled than most people I know!

  5. I used to think it was the most embarrassing thing ever but now it amuses me, I'm even considering carrying it on!

  6. It will work very well as an 'embarrassing Mum' thing, trust me!

  7. I doubt it, you will probably have to just do it! My dad never had the choice or Travel ted would not have travelled anywhere!

  8. That is brilliant! I so want a travel ted now! Really enjoyed this post. x

  9. That's so funny. He's more well travelled than me.....

  10. Love it! I wonder if I could persuade my DH to adopt this as a family tradition.

  11. Hilarious and what a great idea. I may steal it so that I can embarrass my children for years to come :D

  12. It reminds me of a work colleagues' teddy who was kidnapped by another colleague (as pay back for another prank).  He then arranged for teddy to travel to a range of locations at home and abroad and send back pics.  Eventually the teddy was returned, but later was kidnapped again as revenge for another practical joke.


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