The Battle of Valentines is over!

Valentines Day - do you love it or hate it?    Or are you like me and somewhere in the middle?

Once upon a time I may have been know to get a little over excited and carried away with the large amount of crap for sale (in the UK that is) during the run up to Valentines. I brought Aaron (then my boyfriend) a huge amount of loving purchased presents and planned a lovely romantic evening at home.  It sounded like such a good plan inside my head but he was not as enthusiastic as I'd hoped.... at this point I'd like to mention I was 20 and a lot more easily offended!

Among the commercialized crapI brought him, which I presented to him in a big box was,
Overpriced chocolate in the shape of a heart.
Champagne and strawberries - he doesn't like either
Novelty boxer shorts - why why-why!

For dinner I planned Garlic mushrooms to start, followed by steak and pepper sauce, with Vodka jelly (made in a mold the shape of a pair of boobs) and hagen daz ice cream.  I carefully arranged candles all over the front room and waited for his return from work. He walked in and straight away switched the lights on, moaning and assuming that we'd run out of money on the pay as you go electric meter (which was a common occurrence back then!)

The dinner wasn't a great success, I overcooked the steak and Aaron was bemused at being presented with 'jelly and ice cream' for desert. Despite my protests that it was not just 'jelly and ice cream' but vodka jelly and hagen daz which made a difference I was losing the battle (I had also forgotten that Aaron cannot stand jelly!)

I was disappointed that he was not particularly impressed, and for many years we had the 'Battle of Valentines'   Me saying that it was nice to give cards and / or presents as it was romantic, and him saying it was a load of hype by card companies to make money.   The cynics among you may say that he finally brain-washed me but somewhere along the line I must say I have to agree!

Many years I've brought him cards, some years he's brought me them and then I suddenly realised 'What is the point? - we've been married 7 years, together for 17, do we really need to go and spend a few quid on a card to prove anything? Last year neither of us brought one.

Valentines is not a big thing in Cyprus, apart from a few cards and tacky red teddy bears if you blinked you'd miss the whole thing.  Saying that, I love a reason for a celebration, or a reason to do something different and especially to eat cake and this is as good a one as any.... it's certainly better than 'just because it's Tuesday!'

Leo helped me make these this morning, Heart shaped shortbread (should have been pale pink but he 'helped' a little too much with the food colouring!) and a huge chocolate cake!

We also exchanged cards - with Aaron finally understanding that it was the effort I appreciated rather than the money spent. Leo helped to make the cards and each one is from him and Mummy / Daddy.


  1. I'm not a big fan of Valentines Day - it's just a way of shops making more money. Oooh check me out in my somewhat 'bah humbug' mood!  We buy each other a card but that's about it...and that's stopping as from this year!

    I think the little things like you have done this year are the ones that mean the most. I saw pictures of 12 red rose bouquets in my FB timeline this morning and I groaned.

    One of my single friends summed it up in her status update this morning. She said "Not wanting to be a killjoy (but yeah I am really) but if you love your partner, tell them to their face rather than clogging up my timeline".

    Made me smile a bit!



  2. Great facebook status :) SO true though, why do they need to tell them via facebook - so glad I'm not single as that would be annoying AND depressing!

  3. Vanja Radivojevic-Savva9 October 2012 at 20:33

    Hand made things are so much better than any store bought card!


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