They really do say the funniest things!

I know it's often said that kids say the funniest things but I never expected to be rolling about in hysterical laughter as often as I am with a 2 year old. Leo comes out with some absolute classics and often has brilliant (purely coincidental) comic timing. It recently occurred to me that I'm never going to remember later the things he said that I found so funny, until I remembered I had a blog that is....

So I'll apologise now Leo, in advance but try not to look at these as embarrassing in later life, more as cute!

Trying to get cough medicine into Leo has been an absolute nightmare, worked ok for a few days until he just refused until promised chocolate coin afterwards. The other morning he had the medicine and his chocolate and then five minutes later asked for more chocolate.
Leo: Can I have more chocolate please Mummy?
Me: No, you just had some. I told you, you only have one
Leo: Oh please Mummy, I want more chocolate
Me: No, you can't have more chocolate, you were lucky to get some this time of day anyway, that was bribery really.
Leo:  Oh, Mummy, I want MORE bribery....  

This last one is just cute, (and possibly beats 'Mummy is wearing a Princess' when looking at our wedding photos!)

Earlier today I asked Leo for a cuddle, he paused to consider my request and replied with
'Erm no, I'm a bit busy'
Me: Ok' I replied 'I'll cuddle Daddy then'  
He looked at us frowning...
Leo: 'No Daddy, stop cuddling my Mummy'
Aaron:  'Why'
Leo: 'Cos she's MY Mummy'
Aaron: 'She may be your Mummy, but she's my wife'
Leo:  'No she's not she's my LIFE'

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  1. MidlifeSinglemum9 October 2012 at 20:29

    Love the cuddle one - they're so possessive aren't they?

  2. Brilliant!! Kids are brilliant!! Thanks for linking to Friday Funny. x

  3. Awwwwww! Gorgeous! Boys are just the cutest thing at that age!

  4. Awww, kids can say the cutest things.

  5. Awww how sweet especially the last conversation :)
    They do come out with some classics don't they? X

  6. ha ha! They are so funny sometimes aren't they?
    I teared up at "she's my LIFE" xx


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