My Photography resolution

This week's Gallery prompt is 'My photography resolution'  and can be anything from learning to use a 'proper' camera (which would actually be a good one for me!) to getting yourself in photos a bit more often as opposed to just taking them.  This seems to be a common problem for Mum's as they are usually the one behind the camera all the time.

My resolution for this year is an easy one, to get not just myself in the photos but the also record the progress of 'the bump'. When I was pregnant with Leo, Aaron got some lovely photos right at the end but had he have been on time we probably would have missed out on them. 

I seem to have very few photos of the rest of the pregnancy, this time I'd like to make sure I get some more as I go along, and hopefully some similar photos towards the end with Leo involved as well.  


  1. Beautiful and a great idea, i think i did the opposite, I probably have more of my first pregnancy than my second, hope you are feeling well x

  2. I have been opposite to you with pregnancy. Last time I did a bump photo every week the whole time but this time I've just not got around to it.

  3. Have a look on pinterest; search pregnancy photos for some fabulous ideas. 

  4. Nice photos - I have almost none of me pregnant.  Wish I'd had the courage to do some bump shots.

  5. A great resolution, I wish I had taken more photos of the bumps when I had them. Such a lovely time to record and shows just how amazing the body is! Good luck!

  6. MidlifeSinglemum9 October 2012 at 20:31

    Nice resolution :)

  7. one word: tripod! we can now finally take family photos!

  8. A lovely resolution! I wish I had more pregnancy/bump photos.


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