Christmas Tree Craft

You may already know that craft activities are not something that comes naturally to me, add my complete lack of patience and a wilful toddler into the mix and it's not something that usually fills me with joy! However Leo does get very excited and I thought as it's Christmas it would give me something to blog about it would be a lovely thing to do :)

I really can't remember if I saw this idea on another blog - if I did and you know which one let me know and I'll credit it as it seems unlikely I would have come up with the idea all by myself!

What you need - toilet roll tubes, red paint, card (I used a cereal box), green paper, stickers and glitter glue.

Paint the tubes, and leave to dry.
Cut out Christmas tree shapes and stick to the card.
Stick the trees to the rolls and then decorate with stickers and glitter glue to look like baubles and tinsel - Done!

Leo was a bit bemused at first as the only painting we've done just involved splodging colours randomly on paper but he eventually got the idea. When they were dry I explained what to do and did one to show him, he understood what I said but then, as two year olds like to do completely ignored me and preferred to stick the decorations on the back of the tree!

With some encouragement from Daddy he got the hang of it in the end and we ended up with three cute looking Christmas trees. Leo has since been asking to do more every day!



  1. Lovely festive Christmas trees, thank you Leo for mine.

  2. Wow they look great!! I have t made nay crafts with Burton for Christmas just sme cakes! Hmmm must try harder and not be afraid of the impending mess x

  3. I'd say cakes make more mess!

  4. Love it! I'm sending hubby into the recycling now to find some toilet rolls!

  5. Lovely! I do love a loo roll craft! Thanks so much for linking it up to this week's Festive Friday, I hope you'll get crafting/baking/making/creating Christmas and come back again!


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