It's not goodbye, just 'See you later'

One of the advantages of being an expat Mum in Cyprus is when you meet other British Mums with similar age children you immediately have at least two things in common. This can be very helpful when making new friends in a new country. Some people you just click with and it seems like you've known each other for years.

Of course, there is an equal disadvantage to making friends abroad, the fact that circumstances can arise which makes it necessary for them to leave. My friend Michelle leaves for England this week with her gorgeous little boy, Oliver who is one of Leo's best mates.

I met Michelle initially via Facebook and we met in real life early 2010, meeting up generally at least once a week at 'Jingle Jangle's' toddler music group.

The boys are 'usually' best of friends but go through stages of seeming to hate each other!  Both as bad as one another in different ways they often have their moments where all they do is wind each other up.... Oliver likes to get very close to Leo, usually accompanied by the cutest sounding 'alwight mate?, yeah Leo's alwight, he's just a bit crying'   to which Leo, will throw himself to the ground crying 'Owiwer pushed me'  when actually all he did was to stand a bit too close!

Although I'll see Michelle again before she goes, the boys have already said their goodbyes, not that they realised it. We met at the soft play place along with another friend of ours and her son and spent over an hour trying to get a nice photo of the three boys together.

They were being even more uncooperative than 2 year old boys usually were and in the end we gave up and enjoyed watching playing instead!

I'm glad they are too young to realise that Oliver is moving away as I would have been even sadder when we said goodbye as we left, as it is Leo's little wave and 'Bye Owiwer' as he got  in the car nearly made me cry!

I'm not good with 'goodbyes' so I refuse to say it, but hopefully they will be back soon :(


  1. Ah this is so cute, what a sweet little friendship! I hope you get to see them again soon x

  2. So cute - I wish my boys were that age again!

  3. Aawwww loving the group hug photo at the end :) I hate goodbyes like tha aswell. I hoe you do meet up again soon - although Leo and Oliver may not recognise each other when you do :( I feel sad for you thinking that xx

  4. It is so hard to make good friends when you are an expat, I hate goodbyes too.

  5. That's a bit sad, but also love the last picture.  Unfortunately it seems a common occurrance for the 'expat' in these times to have to say 'goodbye' as others leave or move on.


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