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These days it seems that every web site has it's FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) and sometimes they have just the answer you were looking for. Sometime you wonder why anyone would ask some of them at all, let alone for them to be asked frequently!   That said they are a great idea, after all it gets a bit dull keep repeating the same answers time and time again.

So, I give you 'Emma's FAQs'...

Why did you move to Cyprus?
Honestly, I don't know!  My standard response is 'Why not?'  or 'It seemed like a good idea at the time' and I've said that so many times I can't even come up with a reason that sounds good enough to move across the world.  That's not to say I regret it at all, it's just looking back I can't believe we had the balls!   We didn't really know much about the country when we brought so I think it was pretty much to do with the weather!

When are you coming home?
We are home. This is where we live, we may go on holiday somewhere, and one day we might move somewhere else but right now we have no plans to do either.

Are you going to have any more children?
Probably not, but again I try to 'never say never'  after all I never would have expected to move to Cyprus!

When are you going to send Leo to nursery?
I don't know, I get asked this all the time, as he seems to be the only child in Cyprus not in 'school' but we just don't have the money to send him at the moment. I'm not overly worried (or I wouldn't be if everyone stopped going on about it!) as many people have said he's clever for his age, and he is a sociable little man who gets on pretty well with other kids. He's also picking up bits of Greek as he hears them so I think he'll do fine when he gets there.  
In answer to the question though, sometime next year, probably!

When is Aaron getting his car back?
Who knows!    (The engine blew up just before Christmas last year and since then we've seen it for just 2 weeks - last we heard it is in the capital,Nicosia  waiting for something or other)

When are you going to start working?
I've just started working, are you happy now?     ;)  
Many people (especially in the UK) would ask me when I was going to start work again, it was a bit annoying as it's really quite hard to just find a job out here, unless you are selling shots to drunk tourists or something for 2 euro a night or something daft like that!

Has Aaron found a job?
No, and yes he is looking, no he hasn't gone into every pub looking for bar work, it's November and the season has ended. We are running out of ideas, so if you have any feel free to let us know ;)

How do you have time to write a blog?
I don't do anything else!  There is nothing on TV to watch and blogging has now overtaken my love of reading, I get a lot of stick about it but I am almost permanently on my laptop!

Why do you blog?
Another good question but one I find hard to answer.  I started to keep friends and family updated and to keep a record of our move but it's developed into a real passion of mine. I blog to document our life and Leo's early years, I blog to let people know that 'we' are here in the East of this island in the Med and I blog because I enjoy being part of a online community of such a varied group of people. In my own little way I'm also trying to provide something for our bit of Cyprus, helping to promote local businesses and bring people together.   I don't really have any kind of master plan with it but it's my little bit of Cyberspace and I love it!


  1. Hi. Stopping by from Mama Kat's. I've never been to Cyprus but I think it would be neat to pick up and move to a new country. A great adventure! Thanks for sharing.


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