More on Monday... "Best day at the beach, EVER!"

On Saturday we took Leo out for a little trip to Agia Triada to a nearby beach I had recently discovered, a perfect toddler beach... no sunbeds, no tourists and no shops or restaurants, just sand, rocks and space to run around.

He usually seems to like the idea of the beach more than the reality, this year we've been much more than last but  the longest we have successfully stayed is about 2 hours. By this point he's hungry, or tired, or wants to go to the pub (a habit we accidentally started by going to our 'local' for breakfast after Sunday morning beach trips). It's not really been a problem as living so close to the beaches it doesn't really matter if its a short visit.

Now the weather has cooled down a little it's a much nicer experience for him,  so we thought we'd take him to explore the 'new beach'   We paddled in the sea, dug some holes and poured water in them. We had a big ball and did lots of kicking about. 

We were there less than an hour as the sky turned a bit dark and we thought it best to make a swift exit before the heavens opened so we suggested going for a walk to see the boats at the fishing harbour just round the corner and conveniently on the way back to the car. 

He loved seeing the boats and seeing all the different things to look at, we saw a cat, flags waving in the breeze and it said it was 'all exciting'. With one eye on the clouds we made our way back to the car, as we strapped him in he said "Thank you for lovely day at beach Mummydaddy"    

On the way home he was talking about what we had done, 'made castles (we didn't actually do that!), dug hole, pour water in and everybody kicking ball,  AND saw loads and loads and loads of boats - wow MummyDaddy (always said as one word!) that was best day at beach EVER!'

How lovely these days are when they are so easily pleased!


  1. lovely, sounds like the perfect day.

  2. i so love days like that and it helps when they don't have any strops too!! gorgeous photos - must be great to roam the beaches now the weather is cooler and less crowded xx


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