Facing foward

They say you can tell a lot from looking at someone's face but I've never been very good at reading people myself, Aaron is a good 'reader', especially when it comes to me, I suppose the 16 years we have been together help quite a bit there!

This photo was taken on my wedding day just before I left my parents house, and I wonder what he would have thought had he been there at that point.  This is one of my Mum's favourite photos of me from the day.

The process of getting ready had not gone entirely to plan, the hairdresser was late and I although I'd imagine getting dressed in a leisurely fashion with my bridesmaids helping me and then making my 'entrance' as I came down the stairs, it ended up that I jumped into my dress and ran downstairs hoisting it up and asking someone, anyone to zip me up!

The photos felt rushed and I didn't feel entirely comfortable but I do remember this one being taken. The photographer asked me to look into the garden but not smile - I was a bit bemused by this at the time. When I look at this photo I can picture the view from the window and remember it seemed I was looking at it for a long time.  It was the first time I paused for breath and realised that this was it - I was a bride, I was not 6 years old and wearing a net curtain on my head, it was my day and I was about to take a big step forward.

This week's Gallery prompt is Faces.


  1. You look serene  - I would never guess that you had been so rushed and hassled unitl that point.

  2. Beautiful bride to be I see there! I think your face shows to have a lot on your mind and that although you were there in the room, with the ohotographer, your mind is elsewhere. 16 years is a long time to be with the same person - well done Em xx

  3. You look thoughtful - but you also look like a Princesses, beautiful outfit.

  4. The pic really captures a lot of thought and feeling in those eyes. You look beautiful too. Thanks for sharing. (Visiting via the BritMums blog hop)

  5. You look beautiful, really thoughtful.  It truly is a lovely image. 

  6. Thank you :) I worked out the other day that it's almost half my life!!!


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