Discovering Cyprus - Derynia Folkloric Museum

When you step off the tourist trail in Cyprus you realise there are many little hidden gems to be found, one of these is in Derynia, the village where we live.  The Derynia Folkloric Museum is a picturesque old house full of traditional Cypriot items including many household and farming tools.

The museum is run by a friendly local called Varnavas, who grew up in the house and decided to open it up to the public and share his collection of now historic items.  He is happy to tell you lots of interesting information and you can tell he genuinely enjoys sharing his family and countries past with the visitors.  From telling you about all the photos of his large extended family lining the walls to opening up all the cupboards and pulling out  delicate hand made linens and traditional clothing to show you nothing is too much trouble.

It is even possible to get married here at the museum, either in the traditional bedroom or in the courtyard.  I've been to the museum twice now, and I'm sure I'll be back with various visitors of ours in time.

Entrance to the museum is free but donations of any size are very gratefully received, as is a short message in the guest book. There was actually a sign on the wall with (very low) entrance prices but Varnavas told me he forgets to charge and wants people to come and see so the money is not so important!



  1. It looks lovely - a museum made out of love rather than commercial interests.

  2. It is a great place, the real cyprus.

    Thanks for the story and photographs

    Best Wishes


  3. Ah, it's a long time since we spent any time in Dyrenia. Last time we drove through it we didn;t recognise any of it except one small street corner. It's changed so much.

    We should really go back and have another look around. It always seems such a long way from Limassol though. We have now got into the Cyprus way of not wanting to drive much longer than 20 minutes to anywhere!

    Nice blog!

  4. Glad you enjoyed it, Have you ever been to Derynia?

  5. It makes a change in this day and age doesn't it!

  6. How cool to get married at a museum!

  7. Thank you! It still amuses me that people don't like to drive far, my hubby has just applied for a job in Paphos!

  8. What a fascinating museum!    Thanks for contributing to the travel section over at Loveallblogs!  Emma :)


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