G is for Gravesend

Gravesend, according to Wikipedia is a town in northwest Kent in England on the south bank of the river Thames opposite Tilbury in Essex.

Gravesend Photos
This photo of Gravesend is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Gravesend, according to many people who live there is a bit of a s**thole. 

Gravesend, according to me is a place full of many fond memories (and some bad ones but we ignore those!) 

I lived in Gravesend from 1997 until 2003 and then continued to go back for the next six years after moving away until we eventually left the country. We met a fantastic crowd of people there and had more brilliant drunken nights out than I could possibly count, or remember!  It's the first place I lived when I left home to first live with Aaron, we had a great year sharing a house with two others, - all men, I was the only girl!  Looking back it was great fun but I could never do it again!

I later moved into my own flat in one of our 'not a couple' phases. Although at first I was unhappy I loved my little flat so much, I was there almost four years and that's where I feel I grew up. The last few months Aaron stayed with me but the last night I insisted on spending on my own. I sat on my sofa watching TV under a blanket (something he used to moan about) eating chips and dunking them in the mayonnaise jar (What?  my flat, my mayo!)   being both excited about the next phase and sad to be leaving my lovely little home.

Just before we left for Cyprus we had a leaving do in 'our club' - Spots and Stripes pool club. which had been our second home for many years. I had spent so much time there I had become very good friends with one of the barmaids, and she had been my bridesmaid!  It was yet another good night up there and I made it through most of the evening without crying only to end up sobbing on my friends shoulder in the cab on the way home!

Aaron played pool there for many years, and won a lot of trophies.... generally collected on one of the aforementioned drunken evenings....

This photo was taken on the best of all the Pool presentation nights, although it escapes me now exactly why it was the best one. I can tell you though that there would have definitely been a rousing rendition of Queen's 'We are the Champions'  and drinking beer from the trophy..... ah the good ol'days!

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  1. Ah, yes just before I got pregnant then. Would explain why it's a little hazy ;)

  2. I have some great memories from so called s**tholes too .  It's what you make of it really :) 

  3. That would be the 2007-2008 presentation! It was the best one because that was our first season and we won the league undefeated and the team knockout as well. We were all feeling very superior. And yes, there was a drunken rendition of We Are The Champions ;op


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