Flashback Friday

When I was pregnant, I planned to have Leo sleep in a moses basket for some time. We borrowed a gorgeous one from my Mother in law, the one in fact that Aaron had slept in.  Leo however ended up sleeping in it for just a few days, he was a big baby (9lb 9oz making him the biggest of all of my Mother in law's 3 children and 9 grandchildren at birth)  and as he moved the noise of the wicker moving used to wake him up.

So at just a few days old he slept in his cot for the first time, he took to it perfectly and slept brilliantly even though it seemed like such a huge place to put such a little man, even though he seemed so much happier. It was lucky it was so warm at the time as from day one he hated being swaddled, covered by a blanket or wearing too many clothes - good job we ended up in Cyprus really!

Apart from various nights in a travel cot, a make shift cot / bed on a narrow boat and a suitcase on our first night in Cyprus, Leo has always slept in this same cot. At first the drop side was always down, I found it very hard to lay him down in it as I had a bad back, obviously when he got on the move the side went up.

We had a stage of interrupted nights when he learnt to sit, and then later stand, where we would hear him cry and go in to find him sitting or standing, half asleep and not knowing how to lay back down. He never tried to climb out, the though didn't seem to ever occur to him so it was easy to put off the thought of moving him to a bed.

We have talked about moving him for a long time, but after the problems with the bottles I've been putting it off somewhat.  But now his bedroom has been decorated and we thought it the perfect opportunity to get him into a 'big boy's bed', this is the reason it took so long to get the room finished as I wasn't really looking forward to it.  For many months now he's gone to bed without a fuss and recently has started sleeping sometimes as late at 8am, I had a feeling this may all change.

I was stunned and amazed that the first night he went to bed without even a comment! I did everything else the same and laid him on his bed, kissed him and walked out. There was not a peep out of him until the next morning. I woke as I heard him come out of his room, he was standing in the hallway looking all confused and saying in a really sad voice "oh, where's everyone gone" It nearly made me cry!

I'm sure it was beginners luck and not every night will be that easy but it was certainly a good start!


  1. ghostwritermummy9 October 2012 at 20:15

    Oh, what a lovely post and such gorgeous pictures! I am dreading getting Luka into a big bed as I know he won't stay there and am anticipating a nightmare! My daughter was the same as your little one, such an easy transition.

  2. It's not been as bad as I expected but I felt more relaxed knowing he couldn't just get up - keep expecting to turn round and see him one evening and make me jump!

  3. Nice post, and I enjoyed the pics! :) First Daughter did not realise the first night that she could get out of bed, but by Day 2 she had figured it out... ;) It did not take long for her to settle, though, and Second Daughter made the move smoothly too.

  4. Awww Emma what a gorgeous post! And wasn't he a big baby and I thought Jenson was big! Its strange but when they make such a transition so easily, you can't help but be a teeny bit upset that they settled into it so confidently and didn't need Mummy to help them through it. Our boys are growing up Emma :(
    I love how they can sleep so spread eagled - so cute xx

  5. oh that is such a lovely post and the photos are gorgeous.  I have a little boy (aged 18 months) who was almost 10lb when born - he went straight into a cot too.  

  6. What a great experience - for all of you. Sometimes they surprise you and just get on with it. Long may it last.


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