Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Gallery - Feeding time.

This week's Gallery theme is Black and White - not a duplication as Tara puts it of last years Black and white prompt, "more of an extension of a great theme."

I love black and white photos but rarely take them, I'm actually using photos taken at the same time as the some of the ones I used last time.  I'm being a bit brave (especially as many people I know read my blog) as I hadn't even put this photo on facebook.  It was taken when Leo was about 8 weeks old at feeding time.

When Leo was tiny, I was asked more than once "Are you feeding him" now me being me chose to ignore what I 'knew' they meant (as in are you breastfeeding him) and generally replied in a jokey way, no I thought I'd let him starve.
Maybe I was being over sensitive but what difference did it make to them? Sometime bottle-feeding Mum's can be made to feel so bad about their method of feeding, one that might not have even been their choice.  I actually planned to breast feed, and although I was prepared with bottles and a steriliser before Leo's arrival did not have any formula. However, it didn't come at all naturally and after some debate I decided to go with the bottles.

It was not a lot of debate, in fact the main reason against bottles was the fact that I 'should' breastfeed, and I felt that I wasn't giving it a good enough go before giving up. In fact I don't think he ever latched on at all so the poor little man never had a drop.

Midwives came and went over the first week and tried to help but I just didn't feel like it was a battle that I wanted to fight. They were fine and did not make me feel bad at all, a fact I am very grateful for - they would have been shown the door I think if they had done.

I'm sure some will think I was selfish but the decision suited us very well, and enabled me to feel like 'me' again within just a couple of weeks.  It meant I could go out (Tesco's, not clubbing!) without worrying how long I would be and if he'd need a feed, and importantly made Aaron and I both equally able to look after him.

I'm sure he will suffer no damage from our choice, and if I had another although I would give breast feeding a go, I'm fairly sure I'd move over to bottles again and I wouldn't beat myself up about it.

I don't doubt that 'breast is best' after all it's perfectly designed for the job, but I still fed him myself (most of the time anyway!) and don't regret it.

Happy, healthy little man!

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  1. A wonderful post, I couldn't agree more, I think all that matters to babies is that you're a happy mum. Mine picked up on stress so easily that I don't doubt the right decision for me was bottle feeding (and in that case I fed mine 99% of the time!).
    You have a wonderful, gorgeous baby who is a credit to you.

  2. I especially love the first photo - so natural showing you and Leo together bonding :). I think your post is very true and breast feeding is not easy and in no way should you have felt guilty, it just isn't suitable for everyone . Xx

  3. Those are lovely photos.
    I'm glad you've been able to shake off the judgemental comments and go with what's best for you and your family.

  4. Gorgeous pics, the last one is so cute! People unfortunately think it's ok to pass opinion about raising babies and tend to cross lines a lot when they wouldn't do it otherwise. I found it (still do!) when I became mum to my LO.

  5. I love your first photo. It made me feel broody and that's not usual for me! I haven't felt that way since my 3rd was born and just knew that I'd had the last baby I was going to have and was totally fine with that knowledge!
    I tried breastfeeding my first 2, didn't get on with it for various reasons and went straight onto bottle with my 3rd. I told myself, while pregnant that no one was going to make me feel guilty for not even trying because bottle feeding was the best way to go for our family :)

  6. Agree so much with you on this front.  That first shot is absolutely lovely


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