Tuesday, 9 August 2011

E is for England

When I started my A to Z posts I knew that 'E was for England'  I had started this post in draft some time ago but couldn't quite decide how to write it. England is my country of birth, I haven't missed it too much since my move to Cyprus and I didn't want to write a post that ended up running it down for fear of offending my fellow Brits. 

Aaron has been saying for ages that the country is going to s**t and he didn't want to bring our son up there. He has always said there is no discipline any more. Parents, teachers and Police have no power to stop kids and that they should bring back National service.  Health and safety has gone mad and the Government is rubbish. I hadn't planned to write about any of that in my post as  I used to generally bury my head in the sand and assume it would all be ok. 

But you know what, he's right. I've been shocked by the events unfolding in London and all over the UK over the last few days. What the hell is the country coming to?

I grew up in Kent, first Bromley and then moved further out to Gravesend and Medway. Although not in anyway acceptable the riots in Tottenham and surrounding areas have not been as surprising to me as the trouble now moving further afield.  I was stunned to hear of trouble in areas such as Bromley and Croydon.

I'm so glad that Aaron was the catalyst for our move and that our son will not be brought up amongst trouble like this. This affects so many innocent people and I hope all my friends and family keep safe.

Image credit. BBC News


  1. My thoughts, like yours, are with family and friends in the UK, I find it all unbelievable. We too live abroad. It is a sad say when you write E for England and with such a terrible story!

  2. Here's a good explanation my dear

  3. No, sorry that is not a good explanation. The only explanation is that the people causing the trouble are criminals, not protesters, regardless of what they think happened there is no reason to destroy peoples lives and communities like that.

  4. I know, I felt very sad using it as my 'E' post but unfortunately it was all I could write for England now. Not currently feeling so proud to be British :(


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