Friday, 27 May 2011

Dear So and So

I've not joined in with Kat's Dear So and So for ages and I've rather missed it...

Dear Leo,
It's your party next!!
I know it's been a very exciting week with two other birthday parties and I know you've had great fun at both of them. I have taken note of your party requests and we definitely have cake, candles, balloons, hats and bread. Not sure why bread is such an essential party item but bread we shall have. (maybe you have got it confused with that other party essential, beer - we shall have that as well but that will be Mummy's 'juice')
I hope you have lots of fun tomorrow and enjoy your '(Mickey) Mouse party'

Love Mummy xxx

Dear Rain,
What are you doing here? It's May, your time is up now, bugger off and don't come back for the summer like you usually do. Don't you realise I have eight 2 year olds plus parents coming round tomorrow and unless we are outside they will not fit in my apartment.

Slightly concerned Emma


Dear Mum and Dad,
Thank you for all your help in the party preparations, cleaning and especially taking Leo to the park (in the rain) so I could make the cake and prepare some food whilst listening to music and without a small person hanging onto my leg!

Grateful daughter xxx


Dear Hubby,
Can you believe our little man is very nearly 2 years old ..... that went quick didn't it!
Love you both lots and lots, and thanks in advance for decorating the birthday cake :)

Love wifey xxx


Dear Mosquitos,
You are driving me crazy, my legs are itching so much I want to rip them off and squash one of you to death with them. Please go next door where they have all their lights on and windows open, they are issuing a invitation to you. We are trying everything to stop you and you just don't care.

Angry itchy Emma.


Dear So and So...


  1. Ah! Mosquitos... in a very pollyannaish fashion that's making me less grumpy about how miserable the weather is here! At least there are no mozzies....

  2. Smashing, and yes what is it with all this rain?

    *does sun dance*



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