Friday, 15 April 2011

Flashback Friday - Friendship

This week I dedicate my Flashback Friday post to Claire, one of my best friends. She has been out to see me for a week and goes home today.

I met Claire at secondary school in 1990, we had a few lessons together, the most memorable being French where we used to sit looking out the window at a little red car that we wanted to have when we were older. It was in French lessons that we came up with the plan - we wanted to get married at 23, and then have a baby at 25.

On our 23rd birthday, we realised that this was the year we were supposed to get married, according to the plan. We amended it, decided that 25 would be a better age with 27 for baby's arrival. Two years later (I was single, she probably should have been!) We pledged to no longer make plans!

Our birthday's are one day apart, and Claire is older than me :)
One year when we were young enough to be happy at turning a year older she gloated that she would reach it before me, I told her that in years to come it would be the other way round. To this day I ring her on her birthday, and then the following day she will ring me. 

We didn't see much of each other for a year or two after leaving school but then met up a lot in our early 20s. Mostly I'd go and stay the night at her house and we'd go out in town for dinner or drinks, or stay in and talk for hours.  I can't even begin to imagine how many hours we must have spent sitting at her kitchen table drinking wine and smoking lots of fags!

Celebrating our 30th birthdays in 2007
There are hundreds of stories I could tell you about the years we have known each other, and plenty more I probably shouldn't! A lot of them are just so stupid, funny only if you were there at the time - or in possession of a weird sense of humour.

As much as I am pleased to live in Cyprus, I really miss being able to jump in the car and visit her, She is now expecting her first baby and I'm sad that I won't be able to be there with her. I hope she soon gets her backside in gear and gets online a bit more so we can be more in contact.


  1. Great post on your friend. I could write so many stories about times with my friends too, but as you said they probably aren't that funny to other people. Xx

  2. What a truly lovely friends post. How lovely that you have so many memories. I could write a book on my friends too :) x

  3. I know how it is to live far from your family and friends, especially those life long friends. And I learned a long time ago not to make plans - they never work! haha

  4. Oh bless, how wonderful to have a friendship like that. I'm sure she'll miss having you around in her first pregnancy. Wonderful memories...Thank you so much for sharing them for Flashback Friday.

    :) Karin

  5. Ah, that is so sweet and I wish you were closer too. So if she is reading this - Gert online quick woman!
    Gorgeous Flashback


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