Tuesday, 29 March 2011

His favourite obsession...

Pat, Pat, Pat...PAT   
These are the words I am greeted with every day at the moment!
I never thought I'd be trying to persuade Leo to watch The Wiggles after how many times we watched it last year but it turns out it is less annoying than Postman Pat over and over again!

Leo has become  Postman Pat's biggest ever fan, it's the first thing he says every morning and the last thing he says at night, last night he even said it in his sleep!

I thought we had it bad with The Wiggles but didn't realise how much worse it would get when he learnt to talk, he used to 'ask' for The Wiggles but I suppose it was more me putting it on to keep him happy while I blogged cleaned :)

On the upside it just so happens that the DVD we have is 'Postman Pat's ABC and 123' and due to the sheer number of times we have watched it Leo now knows his numbers 1 to 10, and can say nearly all of the words which represent the alphabet on it, so at least it is productive.

He is also quite partial to a bit of  Tweenies and 'In the Night Garden'  (known in our house as 'giggle') and a new contender is 'mouse' -  more commonly known as 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse', (although we do not own the DVD and have to guess when Arabic TV will randomly decide to show it!) but still nothing compares to the man in the van and his cat.

Although it is driving me crazy, (and causing the inevitable guilt that  he watches too much TV) I'm sure in years to come when Pat is no longer his hero and is replaced by big boy's stuff (which I will undoubtedly think is stupid and not understand if Ben 10 and Bakugan are anything to go by) I will look back on the 'Pat days' with fondness and wish for these innocent days back.


  1. I quite like it, and have been known to do the 'hot dog dance' with Leo (just to amuse him you understand!) The way Leo calls 'oh toodles' is one of the cutest things he does!

  2. HUGE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan here - daughter, not me haha. Everything is Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She has a clubhouse playset, Minnie toys, Minnie clothes - it's never-ending. I thought she'd move on to something else but she's been obsessed for over 4 months now.

  3. Just think of all those memories you will have in the future, of this moment in time, and if I had not given Leo the DVD you would have missed out on, although you might have kept your sanity!!!! ABC - 123!!!!


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