Friday, 25 March 2011

Greek Independence Day

Today, March 25th is Greek Independence Day, it is a national holiday throughout the Republic of Cyprus and marks the start of the islands fight for independence from the Ottoman Empire which started in 1821. The Greek War of Independence ended in 1832 and Greece was finally recognised as an independent nation.

The day is marked not only by cultural displays and historic exhibitions in many of the larger Cypriot towns but by many parades in the streets. We can hear one such parade from our apartment.

They practise regularly just a stone's throw from our apartment and are quite loud! The drums are very good but I think that the bugle/trumpet players could do with the practise... we've been here a year and they don't seem to have improved yet!

Not that I'm complaining (well, except when they wake Leo by starting 2 minutes after his bedtime!) I think it's great that they celebrate all they do out here, the Cypriots love their Bank Holidays! At least they are patriotic, the closest us Brits seem to get is celebrating St Patrick's Day.... not even St Georges!


  1. LindyLouMac in Italy9 October 2012 at 20:43

    Bank holidays are very important here as well but they are not moved, they always happen on the date to be celebrated what ever day of the week it is.

  2. They do here too, it makes sense but it's a bit of a bummer when they fall on a Sunday!


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