Friday, 4 February 2011

Reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3 Week 5

This week I'm joining in with Michelle again in her weekly Reasons to be cheerful meme.

The cold is getting to me today so it's good to focus on the things that are making me cheerful. Sunny Cyprus is not living up to it's name today, it's very windy and I cannot get warm but not long to go before I can go back to just wearing one just layer of clothes, that's one reason to be cheerful right there!

1. I will be seeing my parents next week....NEXT WEEK!!! Very excited about that as I've not seen them since my visit back to the UK in August, and AJ's not seen them for almost a year and half.

2. Leo is pretty much all better after having a cold all week. Obviously it was not nice to see him unwell but we had a nice day on Wednesday as he wanted to do nothing all day except snuggle on the sofa, it was lovely having cuddles for that long and like having the worlds best hot water bottle on my lap! Good to see him back to normal now though.

3. I had a lovely child free morning out with my friend this week. We went window shopping in the lovely town of Paralimni and then had lunch in a nice little cafe I've been meaning to try for ages. It great to be able to finally get into the shops I had not been in since getting here (not even vaguely buggy friendly!) and eat lunch without having to share it!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart


  1. No wonder you are happy that your parents are coming over, you must be sooo excited! Have they been to Cyprus before? What did they make of your decision to move there? Also great that Leo is now on the mend, poorly children are so heartbreaking

  2. They own an apartment here, and are moving over next month so it's even better!

  3. Bet you can't wait to see your parents! Enjoy your time catching up with them.

    As much as I love my children, there is nothing like some quality child free time.

    Will be posting a Love post tomorrow.

  4. I love them, thanks for inspiring me.


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