Saturday, 29 January 2011

Dear So and So

Dear New Radiators,

Welcome to our previously cold apartment, it's so nice to meet you, you gorgeous toasty warm black shiny things. I know we won't need to use you for much longer but rest assured we are loving your company at the moment and can assure you we will welcome you back on come November.

Yours, warm and snugly at last, Emma.

Dear BBC Entertainment channel
Your schedule is RUBBISH, why do you think anyone would want to watch the same episodes of Eastenders, Doctors and The Weakest Link four times in one day. It's not even up to date Eastenders, and Last of the Summer Wine and Keeping Up Appearances make me turn over and watch Arabic television because they are that bad. Are you assuming we live abroad so have not seen proper BBC recently or is just a case of 'they aren't paying a licence fee so sod'em'. What about Top Gear, Doctor Who and QI for start?
And don't even get me started on the Cbeebies offerings!

Yours, missing some half decent programmes - Emma.


Dear Readers,
I know it's a little early for the smushy lovey stuff but I'd love you all to come and share your love related posts with us all. It doesn't have to be profound, interpret it any way you choose! Also it's my first ever linky list and I've got no entries yet!

Yours (a little worried that it's not going to go well!) Emma  xx


Dear So and So...


  1. So it's not only here in Doha that we are made to suffer through BBC entertainment! I feel your pain.


  2. ha ha ha, we used to get BBC entertainment here and after a week I was so sick of it I never turned it on. Truly the most pointless channel in existence.

  3. It sounds worse the BBC America. I used to love watching BBC America before I moved to the UK.

  4. No BBC?! How can you cope?! Best TV on the opnaet, IMO.

    I'm heading off to your linky now, btw :)

  5. Loved you blog, it made me smile....Hugs x

  6. Oooh lovely new radiators! Although I bet it's not as cold there as it is here at the moment. I went to bed in socks last night - I'm so sexy!

    Will have a think if I can include anything love related in your linky too as I've just launched a series of posts:

  7. Thanks! I love your post, your son sounds like a charmer :)

  8. It's not as cold but I still sleep in fluffy socks - marble floors are not so nice this time of year!


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