Saturday, 15 January 2011

Dear so and so

Dear Solicitors,
Where the bloody hell is our cheque? I know nothing happens quickly/on time here but when you said at the start of October it should be with in about a month I then kinda expected it by the end of the year. It's FOUR MONTHS later now and we need it 3 months ago!

Impatient and skint Emma

Dear Leo,
I'm pleased that you love to colour, however 5.30am is not an acceptable colouring time, nor do I wish to be presented with crayons and paper whilst sitting on the toilet. Also please remember that you draw ON THE PAPER.
You are very clever and I'm pleased that you can now name the colours especially your favourite - PURPLE - although I'm not sure you have to shout this one at the top of your voice each time you see it somewhere, I think the passing woman in supermarket wearing a purple top was a little bit alarmed.

Your very uncreative and artistic so very impressed Mother.

Dear Washing,
It's 17 degrees outside so why the hell are you not drying? How hot does it have to be for goodness sake? Do you not remember England, you used to dry there. I don't really have enough clothes for everything to take three days to dry.

Yours slightly under dressed Emma.

Dear So and So...


  1. Ohh don't you love scrubbing crayon off walls? And if you dont want slowness, never move to QLD. I'm pretty sure everyone stops at the beach for 6 hrs a day before they deliver mail, open shop etc Love your post x

  2. There is nothing good about a 5.30am playtime. Nothing at all.

  3. 5.30 am should just be banned.
    Also, colouring in on the toilet is tricky!

  4. Lol a fab set of letters. I am laughing at that poor women in the supermarket jumping out of her skin!

    Mich x

  5. There's not much good about a 5.30am anything! (unless it's sleeping, or just getting home from a night out, back in the pre baby days obviously!)

  6. Tricky, but not impossible it turns out!


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