Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dear so and so

Dear Scouts.

OH MY GOD please stop with your bloody band practice! I realise that may be a little harsh especially as you obviously need the practice. I can only hope you are just practising for the bank holiday on Thursday and then you will give it a rest for while again.

Yours, Emma, with a pounding headache.

Dear Leo,
I'm very proud that you can walk and run about and I understand that it's very exciting and you want to do it all the time, however please believe me when I say it's time to go in the car, usually we are going out to do something much more exciting than walking round the car park. Oh, and well done for sleeping through the bloody racket the scouts are making.

Big kisses, from your loving Mummy

Dear Sick bug,
We are very glad to see the back of you, you were very unpleasant and stole almost a week from us altogether. You are now doing the rounds with other people here - it's about time you gave up and disappeared now. No one likes you, everybody hates you....

A recovered but still slightly bruised patient.

Dear AJ
Thank you for being such a star and looking after me when I was ill. Sorry for passing it onto you as well just when we thought you had managed to avoid it.

Love you, Wifey

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