Friday, 18 June 2010

A Tribute

Today would have been my brother Scott's 34th birthday, I never met him as he was born on 18th June 1976 too early and only lived for 3 hours.

As a young child I moaned at my mother for the fact I was an only child and was the only one of my friends not to have a brother or sister, I can't imagine that must have been easy for her to hear. I was still young when she told me about Scott and some years later she had his birth certificate framed and displayed alongside our family photos so he is still a part of our family.

I told my Mum that everything happens for a reason (very philosophical of me at a young age!) and that had he survived I wouldn't be here. There would only be 16 months between us and as she didn't fall pregnant easily with me I think that she would have left a longer gap before really trying for number 2 (especially having one myself now!) I don't doubt that given the choice she would have had more than one child but the second child would have been born at a different time, therefore meeting different people throughout life and having different experiences and therefore not being me.

Several years ago I wrote this poem, which I had framed on my bedroom wall....

Scott, I thank you for giving me life,
I will be all that I can be, a good mother and wife.

I will have my career and be a success, 
I owe that to you, and I'll give you the best.

I will be happy for you in all that I do, 
And when I am sad you will carry me through.

I will be the success that you would have been, 
I will fight, I'll be strong, I will reach that dream.

I can do anything, I can be the best, 
I'll do that for you, you deserve nothing less.

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  1. OMG, I have tears in my eyes. What a beautiful and amazing poem.

  2. Beautiful and so heartwrenching! Thank you for sharing! I am here from the Friday Follow! Have a great Friday! Come and visit Mama's Little Chick!

    Mama Hen

  3. thank you Emsyjo. it's a beautiful poem. i am in your mother's position and i don't know yet if i can go through another pregnancy. i needed to get a new partner and wait 8 years but life has given me a wonderful daughter.

  4. Oh, dear, this just won't do... thought I would have a peek at your blog and have ended up in tears!! Lovely post. Beautiful poem... did you ever show it to your mother? Thanks for visiting. Will be back soon.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments! When I wrote the poem originally I printed a copy for my Mother and they have had it framed and put up at home.

  6. Oh my gosh. I only stumbled across your blog by accident and this poem has made me well up a little. Beautiful words.

  7. Emma thank you for the lovely tribute to Scott, it did make me feel quite emotional. Dad and myself, thank you for being such a wonderful, loving, caring daughter and I know that Scott is proud of you also, you are both a big part of our lives. Love Mum

  8. Ruddy hell Em what an emtional post! Such a beautiful poem and moving post xx

  9. I am pleased she told me,it must have been difficult.

  10. Gifts of Serendipity9 October 2012 at 20:42

    What a wonderful tribute.

    Isn't it amazing how life experiences can change our perspective?
    Your mother sounds like she's an incredible person and has given you the gift of knowing about and treasuring your brother when she perhaps could have left him a secret.

    Here's to a terrific weekend ahead filled with family, fun and laughter!

    Felicity x

  11. Lovely, as is the comment from your Mum below.

  12. Such a lovely post - and, like the others, I love your Mum's comment too.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  13. Beautiful and heartfelt. Those are powerful words to live by. I hope they give you strength in difficult times. Thankyou for linking up to Wednesday Words xx


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