We don't "do" late.......

Something you should know about me and AJ....... we don't do late! It is one of my biggest pet hates! I feel at this point I must also add that many people told me to wait until I had a baby, then I would change....NOPE, still don't do late! I get ready earlier! Now I admit there have been times where I have been late, due to unforeseen puking or nappy incidents but nothing that a text or phone call apology doesn't cover!

Sorry, I digress..... back to my story.
Leonidas (or Bob as he was known at the time!) was due to make his appearance on May 16th 2009, now despite reading and hearing time and time again that first babies are usually late I was completely convinced that this did not apply to us! I found out that 38 weeks (not 40) is classed as full term so a baby born at this time is not early, therefore was expecting an arrival any time from the start of May.

I was asked a lot towards the end if I was getting fed up, I really wasn't... I was getting a little uncomfortable, especially at night but it wasn't unbearable with my precise arrangement of pillow to sleep with - it almost as annoying (only almost!) for AJ who had a VERY small bit of bed left to sleep in! Every night as I got up what seemed like a hundred times to go to the toilet I passed the room which was ready and waiting for our new arrival and felt grateful that I was just going straight back to bed and not having a crying baby to contend with!

I slightly wonder if I've forgotten the reality but I do look back on the last few weeks with fondness, I do remember trying to appreciate the relaxation, getting up at 10am....!!!!! watching TV with my feet up, eating an endless amount of food and playing hundreds of games of bejewelled blitz on facebook! I had reflexology every week, and my shopping delivered. I went to the pub and saw lots of my friends.

However once May 16th had passed I did start to get impatient, I'm not good with suspense and I didn't like thinking every day that this 'could' be the day! I eventually got booked for an induction on the evening of May 28th. I like to think that Leo took this as being the final deadline and in true family tradition decided to start his arrival himself. Although my waters were broken at the hospital that was all that was needed to start labour and he arrived 12 hours later at 11.20am on Friday 29th.


  1. I don't 'do' late either. Unfortunately it is one of my husband's character traits and it drives me insane. My daughter arrived on time, but I blame him totally for the 11-day late arrival of my son!

  2. I'm lucky that my and my hubby are both the same - drives all our friends mad, as we are always early for everything, even with a baby!


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