Saturday, 1 May 2010

A perfect pregnancy?

Perfect pregnancy or good old rose tinted glasses?

I feel I was very lucky with my pregnancy compared to so many people I had such an easy time, I was never actually sick just felt a bit queasy for a few weeks the main downfall of that is now the smell of ginger ale makes me feel sick! I had no dramas at all and it generally went very well.

The early days where no-one knew where very surreal, as you could possibly guess I'm not good with keeping my life private! I totally understand why people wait until the scan to go public but 3 months.....was never going to happen! Told both sets of parents, so then obviously my sis-in-law. Best friends... and work (a small office of 3 of us) They all know me so well so even if anything had gone wrong I would have had to tell them all anyway.

All through my pregnancy I made an effort to appreciate each moment, obviously I didn't actually do that as I'm sure AJ will confirm! However I generally loved it and even with the aches and pains, sleepless nights (at the time I really didn't know the meaning of that!)swollen feet etc. I did realise that it was a unique time that I would never repeat. I may have another some day but it will never be a first pregnancy and will be completely different.

I took maternity leave early, finishing work in February when bubs was not due until mid-May, it was a way of avoiding redundancy at work and I loved it, only getting a bit impatient right at the end. I was sure he would be on time or early despite everything that says first babies rarely are so at two weeks overdue I was starting to get a bit bored!

Predictably for me I started packing my hospital bag in March, then added to it and repacked it about a hundred times, I washed tiny baby clothes and held them on my bump trying to imagine dressing a baby, MY baby in them, I had not spent much time with babies and could not even begin to imagine having my very own one, even with a bump which entered rooms before I did!

The last few weeks were a lovely (this maybe where the rose tinted glasses come in) relaxing time of reflexology massages, getting up at 10am everyday, eating lots and lots and playing Bejewelled Blitz on facebook! It just so happened that the chair at the computer was the most comfortable one to sit in!

"Bob" (the working title, we had a name for quite a while but I refused to use it until he had arrived safe and sound) was obviously very comfy where he was and made no attempt to arrive until he had too, I was booked for an induction two weeks after my due date but he was just waiting until the last minute to show himself.


  1. Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my blog, it is uncanny how alike our experiences are, Piran was two weeks overdue, although I went through a very frustrating and long-winded (4 days) induction he arrived 14 days after he was expected!

    When I think about being pregnant I get all nostalgic for my bump but I felt bad for about 38 weeks out of the 42! That won't stop me getting pregnant again though!

  2. Wow you had it really easy!! I'm 35+5 weeks with my first baby and it's been nothing of the sort!
    Had chronic morning sickness for first 14 weeks, then a trapped nerve set in. Must admit 2nd trimester was lovely and then since 30 weeks the aches and pains have set in, plus anaemia and possible signs of preeclampsia!! LOL
    Glad all went well with you though. x

  3. I was very lucky, hopefully it will be the same this time round (I'm now 12 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy) Hope the remainder of your pregnancy is not too bad - it will all be worth it in the end - good luck!


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