Big Mac and Fries - Slimming World style!

As much as I love 'good' food, there are times when you feel only a Mcdonalds will do, something that I obviously try and steer clear of when sticking to the Slimming World plan with a Big Mac being something like 3 days worth of syns alone!

I had heard of the 'Big Mac in a bowl idea doing the rounds online and in groups so thought I'd give it a try...

Big Mac in a bowl, slimming world style

You need - 

Extra lean mince beef
chopped onion
pickled gherkin, chopped into slices
3 slices extra light cheese slices cut into chunks (use your Healthy extra A choice for this)
Shredded iceberg lettuce
2 tbsp light thousand island dressing  (2 syns) 

Cook the mince and onion, add the gherkin and serve on a bed of shredded lettuce.  Place the cheese slices and thousand island dressing on top and you're done!

Slimming World chips are just as easy - 

Par boil the potatoes, 
Spray a baking tray with frylight, add the chips and spray again.
Cook at about 180c for approx 30 mins

The whole dinner is just 2 syns on extra easy  and is much more filling than a real Big Mac, plus you're not tempted to add milkshakes and apple pies to your order!

It even got the seal of approval from Aaron and that's always a very good sign for a SW dinner!

For ,more Slimming World recipes and my SW story see my Slimming World page.


  1. I also did slimming world for a while - following the plan without joining a group as there wasn't one here. It worked of course and the meals don't seem anything like diet meals. So why don't we all just eat like this all the time? #BaffledinJerusalem.


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