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Potty training

Back in June last year Jenny and I ran 'Going Potty' - a Potty training blog carnival something I hoped would assist me in what I thought was imminent potty training. In August I blogged about when I should start as Leo was not at all enthused about the idea.  There were some great comments about how I should wait until he was ready, and when he was it would all click into place.

Hmmm, really?

Out of his friends (all of which are 6 months older) he is the last to still be in nappies, I've tried to use this to our advantage as he loves his friends and will often get dressed/go to bed/ etc if he thinks the others (especially his 5 yr old friend Jack) are doing the same. It seems this tactic works in every way except when it comes to potty training.

Google 'potty training signs' and you are presented with many lists of what to look for...

Able to follow simple instructions, - yep, when he feels like it that is!
Dislikes the feeling of a dirty nappy - doesn't seem to care, although is telling us a bit more often now.
Can walk and sit down - no problem!
Can tell you when he is going to do a wee or poo - he is sometimes telling us now as he is doing a wee, and will usually say he hasn't pooped when he quite clearly has although I think that's just a tactic to get out of nappy change. 

We talk a lot about 'doing wee's and poo's on the toilet' and he understands the idea. He says 'Big boys do wees on the toilet, but I'm not a big boy'   and he doesn't want to be one apparently!

He likes to come with me (and anyone else around!) when I go to the toilet, I let him so he can see what I do, but Aaron won't let him go with him.

This week I had the genius plan of putting pants on some of his cuddly toys, (hence this week's Silent Sunday post) he loved that and I showed him how they pull their pants down and then wee on the potty.... if only it was that simple for toddlers!

The only plan I have is to wait until it is slightly warmer (not long now!) and just put him in pants and see how it goes, I know everyone says to wait until they are ready but he's not far off 3 years old and he does understand the concept.   He's never really been without a nappy on except in the bath so I think he needs to notice what is happening a bit more. I realise now I should maybe have let him has more nappy free time - I've always taken one off and put new one straight back on!

I think I'm now set for the fun and games.... got plenty of pants (and some with Thomas on them), got a reward chart - with Thomas on it from Pinterest.  Got stickers, and even got some 'special' Thomas wet wipes.    In case you hadn't guessed, Thomas the tank engine rules in our house!

Hopefully it won't be too bad, and I'll get a few months off nappy changing before it all starts again in August!


  1. Ha, I am facing the same thing, Grace is almost 2 and 8 months and my plan is to tackle it at easter, when school is off and it should be a bit warmer.  I left it to about this point with sophie and she picked it up well, only ever having 2 accidents I think!  I tried half-heartedly late last yr but she clearly wasnt ready. Dont rush it, it will come when he is ready and boys are always later than girls (but im sure you've heard that, nvr having a boy i dont know) Good luck, look forward to hear how you proceed x

  2. I wish you luck Em and just go with the flow (lol) and try to be relaxed as is possible and don't get stressed if he doesn't grasp it. I am sure he will get there. Good luck lovely xx

  3. With Emma I just took off the nappy in the summer and we just went with it. Stickers worked like a charm!! We made a book and she'd get a sticker every time she went


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