As someone who often says "You can never be too organised"  I'm sure it will come as no surprise to hear that I am a big fan of lists.  Shopping lists (obviously), to-do lists (have actually been known to write something on my list I've already done, yes I realise I need to get out more) and of course my favourite list so far.... my 101 in 1001 list

So as you can imagine I was dancing with joy quite impressed when I saw that Kate at Kate Takes 5 has started a new linky thing. She has started off by asking what everyone thinks are the top 5 things about having kids. Some are very similar to others lists but I suppose that's because they are the best things!

So, in no particular order my top five good things about having kids are.......

1.  Christmas becomes Christmas again! I've always loved Christmas but it is undoubtedly  better with kids. Not just the day but the whole run up especially as they grow up and appreciate a visit to Santa (as opposed to crying their eyes out!) and can get a bit more involved in the preparations.

2. Watching them grow and learn new things. It amazes me to see all the new words and skills that Leo learns, obviously he is a genius and no other child has done this so far!

3. Soft play, I've been wanting to go to one for years! Kids are a great excuse for playing in ball pools or going down slides, I've missed that!  ooh and bouncy castles - I loved them as a child and was quite sad when I got too big to go on. Leo is not impressed with them at the moment, but I'm sure he will 'get' them later - as long as Mummy demonstrates how they work.

4. Meeting people, Kids help you make new friends, they can give you the opportunity to go places to meet people and something to talk about to strike up a conversation. All my friends in Cyprus have similar age children as it's a good thing to have in common as it is so much of your life. It also gives you an excuse to meet up and drink tea so the kids can play!

5. It's a good excuse for lots of things..... I'm just listening to S Club because Leo likes it, I haven't mopped the floor as he hasn't had a nap. I know all the words to The Wiggles songs as he insists on watching it a hundred times a day.....I could go on but you get the idea.



  1. A very impressive first list! I especially like the theme of blame that is running through alot of the list - you see? kids ARE good for something! See you next week. x

  2. Gorgeous list - we are thankfully through The Wiggles stage but I could still sing several songs in my sleep...And probably have at some point!

  3. This gave me a little giggle. I have to admit I know the words to song and other stuff that I never dreamed I would know :D Jen

  4. I agree with all of this.
    1) Christmas was amazing this year now my daughter is two and really gets all the excitement.
    2) I am also so amazed by how much she learns and how bright she seems for her age (because MY child is the genius you know LOL).
    3) And I secretly like running around in soft play as well. Got to be good for your fitness! I'm exhausted after just 10 mins in there!
    4) I love the fact that I have made so many new friends since my little one was born. I know some will come and go but I hope I've made a few life long friends too.
    5) And finally yep, I have found myself singing and dancing around to all sorts of weird (but wonderful) stuff.


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