101 in 1001

Not long after I started blogging  I came across the Day Zero Project.

The idea - Create a list of 101 things you want to do in the next 1001 days
The Criteria - Tasks must be specific (i.e no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

I started my list on July 29 2010, which means the 1001 days are up on April 26th 2013. As I complete the tasks I will update this page so you can see how I am going.

I've also found some fellow bloggers who are doing their own 101 lists -  Sarsam and The Laughing Housewife. and we'd love you to join us. If you are doing your own list, or fancy starting one then please link up below. We can then encourage each other as we go :)

1. Finish my 101 list
2. Go to the Troodos mountains
3. Take a pedalo out with my Dad
4. Visit 10 different beaches
5. Learn to speak Greek (finish the Rosetta Stone course)
6. Try scuba diving
7. Make a photo montage for Leo for each year of his life
8. Reach my weight loss target
9. Complete the 30 day challenge on Wii  EA sports
10. Completete the 6 week challenge on Wii EA Sports 2
11. Get a tattoo
12. Host a pool party
13. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy
14. Jump into a swimming pool fully clothed
15. Watch the sun come up after an all-nighter in Agia Napa
16. Regularly pay money into a savings account
17. Sing karaoke
18.Walk up to Profit Elilas (church on the hill) in Protaras
19. Go to Kyrenia
20. Have a 'Fish foot spa'
21. Watch the sunset at Cape Greco with a picnic and wine - amended to beach!
22. Decorate Leo's bedroom
23. Try 30 new recipes
24. Eat at 10 new restaurants 
25.Visit both sides of the Green line in Nicosia
26. Go wine tasting
27. Plan a weeks meal in advance and stick to it
28. Put 200 euros into Leo's bank account
29. Go parasailing
30. Go on a boat trip
31. Make a "Mother's Memories" book for Leo
32. Go swimming at night
33. Create and follow a budget
34. Finish my family tree online
35. Teach Leo to swim
36. Throw a party for someone
37. Take the local 'Red Bus Trip'
38. Enrol Leo into nursery
39. Change Leo from sleeping in his cot to a bed
40. Get a massage
41. Get some plants for the balcony
42. Go to a beach party
43. Become official Cyprus residents
44. Get a facial
45. Make my own bread
46. Visit a traditional Cypriot village
47. Watch 30 new films
48. Take a Zumba class
49. Pay off my car loan
50. Host a theme / fancy dress party
51. Host a game night
52.  Make a cheesecake from scratch
53. Find an unknown (to me!) beach
54.Walk the Pernera beach path in the evening
55. Recreate one of the famous balcony drinking sessions with Sarah
56. Spend an entire day at the beach
57. Finish watching the whole of the West Wing series
58. Make a DVD movie of Leo's video clips
59. Go to "Car Wash" club in Agia Napa
60. Eat a meze with friends
61. Take Mum and Dad to 'The Gardens' restaurant
62.  Go to the beach on Christmas day (changed to swim in the sea on Boxing Day)
63. Decorate our bedroom
64.Do painting with Leo
65. Potty train Leo
66. Get 100 followers on my blog
67. Take Leo to the Camel park
68.. Fill our entire wine rack with alcohol at least once
69. Go to Waterworld water park
70. Visit a castle
71. Eat fish and chips on the beach at sunset
72. Complete every workout on my Ministry of Sound DVDs
73. Complete my A to Z blog posts
74. Go to a zoo with Leo
75. Visit Cyclops cave
76. Visit Tomb of the Kings
77. Visit Kourion
78. Apply for our VAT rebate
79. Get our Cypriot medical cards
80. Apply for child benefit
81. Not use the computer for a whole day
82. Have a BBQ on my birthday
83. Upload all my photos to Flickr (or similar)
84.Take Mum and Dad to Konnos beach and Cape Greko
85. Compile a first aid kit for emergencies
86. Get Leo off of bottles
87.Inspire someone to make a Day Zero list
88. Go skinny dipping
89.Make a children's party CD  (CD burner not working so have made another ipod playlist)
90.Write a guest post on someone else's blog
91. Get a new mobile phone
92. Teach Leo his numbers (up to 10) and in Greek and English
93.Create a playlist of songs for Leo on my ipod
94.Start a facebook group for Mum's in East Coast Cyprus
95. Watch the Inbetweeners
96. Complete Leo's baby book (up to the time this list finishes)
97.  Take Leo to a Halloween party
98. Take Leo to see Father Christmas
99.Trash the dress - my wedding dress is way too big so would love some photos of me in it trashing it!
100. Read Magician by Raymond E Feist
101. Complete my A to Z blog posts

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