Waterworld vs Fasouri Water parks - Our opinion

Cyprus has three main waterparks,

Waterworld Themed waterpark, Ayia Napa, Fasouri Watermaina, Limassol and Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark. 

We live on the east coast about 15 minutes drive from Ayia Napa so Waterworld has always been our park of choice but I'd fancied visiting one of the others for a while now and we decided last year to try it. 

My boys are currently 10 and 7 years old and our annual trip to Waterworld is one of the highlights of the year.  It's not cheap for a family costing easily over €100 for entrance tickets, food and drink throughout the day but it's our special treat and you can often make savings by looking out for discount vouchers towards the end of season. 

We were lucky enough to also get discount vouchers for Fasouri last year so visited both.  

We had a fantastic day at both waterparks and we spent a lot of time comparing the two.

Waterworld Themed Waterpark, Ayia Napa. 

By far the boys favourite attraction is the Minotaur's Labyrinth,  or the 'Bubble' as they prefer to call it.  A bouncy dome with ropes which keeps them happy for hours and hours. Unfortunately for Leo it was probably his last on there as he was just on the upper height limit (1.50m) when we went in September. 

The children's play area is great, I've spent many a time in there with the boys and it's great for the little ones. 

For the really little ones you have Aphrodite's pool, a very shallow pool idea for babies,with a couple of small slides for toddlers, it's quiet and away from the big slides so may be enough to keep them happy and not want to run off so much. 

For most children you will be spending your time around the 'Trojan Adventure' a multi level play area with slides, showers and a giant tipping bucket. 

Last year there was a new attraction, a giant inflatable course called Marathons challenge which has replaced the adult stepping stones across the pool.  It looks like great fun but the boys were very disappointed to learn they were not tall enough to go on.  Leo should be able to go on this year as the minimum height is 1.50m, which is good for him but not for Louka!

We were surprised and a little confused as to why it was not open all day, especially as there was still a life guard nearby telling people it's closed. It meant big queues whilst it was open and then trying to remember the time to go back.  I did wonder though if it was due to the park being a little quieter than in peak times. 

The Lazy river is another highlight for us, the double rings are great as it make it easy to keep an eye on at least one of the boys as you go round. 

lazy river

My boys are not big thrill seekers so you won't get them going on all the flumes but they love the blue Serpentine slides, and the orange Phaethons Flume.  

The wave pool is always popular although its a shame they only last a few minutes each time. We end up spending the day trying not to miss any wave sessions and running from all over the park each time the siren goes for just a short time before they go off again.

We visited a little later this year than we usually do,  in mid September rather than end of August and it was much quieter than in the holidays.  It was nice but I wouldn't want to leave it much later as the temperature would be too cool for us.  (but we are big wimps once it starts to drop!)

Fasouri Watermania, Limassol

We went in early September to Fasouri just after the opening hours had changed to 10am - 5pm (as opposed to 6pm in high season).    We missed our extra hour as we always spend the whole day at a waterpark but it was pretty quiet compared to the numbers we see at Waterworld.

Our first impressions of Fasouri were good, and the boys were most excited to try the Big Bubble.  We went there straight away as I guessed it would become very busy as the day went on.  It was lucky that they did as like the Marathons Challenge in Ayia Napa it was not open all day.

Louka's favourite was the Crossover pool, and we lost count how many times he went across it. Leo unfortunately was too tall for the children's one, and just not tall enough to comfortably reach the ropes on the adult one so he gave them a miss.

I loved the Lazy River,  especially the family rafts which could easily hold all four of us. It's the longest lazy river I've been on at 400 metres,  this did mean we only did it twice as it did seem to be never ending to our impatient boys!

The wave pool is good,  same problem as every other one though in that the waves seem to last for seconds after you wait for hours for them to start.

The 'Interactive Centre' is awesome - unlike Ayia Napa it is suitable for adults as well as children and has decent size slides coming from various levels.  It's much better for my boys, although if they were toddlers the Napa version would be preferable.

waterpark play area

We tried many but not all of the slides,  I was disappointed to see that they were often closed. I don't know if it was due to it being out of school holiday time but we were still well in summer season so it was surprising. I understand it reduces the number of lifeguards needed but when you pay over €100 for a family day out it would be good to be able to use everything all day!  The flumes all had signs with the times on the but it's pretty hard to remember what is open when, especially if you are not wearing a watch.

There is a good selection of flumes, something for everyone, and a good mix of body slides and raft slides.

The kiddy pool area had a mini bubble which was quiet and Louka spent a lot of time on there even though he was almost too big for it.

He did enjoy the paddle boats though,  Leo tried them out but was a little too big to do it easily!

Having been to Ayia Napa so many times it was inevitable that we would make comparisons all day long and I asked the boys which they prefer out of the two parks.

Fasouri - the big rafts are great on the Lazy River
The Big Bubble is awesome but rubbish because it is hardly ever open and then has a massive queue.
The Interactive Centre is much better than Ayia Napa.

Ayia Napa -
The height restrictions mean that next year they won't be able to play together on the bubble but for this year they spent most of the day on it.

We both were hard pushed to choose between the two,  if we were to only visit one next year.  Ayia Napa eventually won out just because of the location and therefore it saves an hours journey and extra petrol money but that was the only reason, they loved both and would happily revisit Fasouri too.

I would like to try Paphos Aphrodite park next though, although I don't fancy the drive home so much after a busy day!

You can find more information about the parks on their websites

We were not sponsored or compensated for this blog post, we visited both parks 
in summer 2019 and are just sharing our personal opinion. 


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